2nd International Conference on Toxicology and Clinical Toxicology

November 11 – November 12, 2019
London, Argyll and Bute
United Kingdom
Event Details:

We are delighted to organize 2nd International Conference on Toxicology and Clinical Toxicology during November 11-12, 2019 at London, UK which encompasses prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Video presentations, Poster presentations, Workshops, B2B meetings and Exhibitions. Why Toxicology 2019?? Toxicology 2019 offers a unique platform to present research work and know the latest updates with a complete approach to diverse areas of interest. Toxicology 2019 is designed to meet the needs of both experienced and new career professionals. The Toxicology Conference provides a platform to make great professional contacts, and leave the conference with takeaways that will immediately elevate your performance and success by defining your path and managing your successful and profitable entrepreneurial/academic journey. At Toxicology 2019, you can meet experts in the field Toxicology, Pharmacology, Eco-Toxicology, Risk Assessment, Environmental Chemistry, Pathology and Biochemistry. Listening to keynote presentations at the conference will inform you of the current research and innovations in the field of Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology and will inspire research ideas of your own and will expose you to different styles of presentation. Pulsus organizes a conference series of 1000+ Global Events inclusive of 300+ Conferences, 500+ Upcoming and Previous Symposiums and Workshops in USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and publishes 700+ Open access journals which contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members. Target Audience: · Academicians including Professors · PhD Scholars · Students carrying out laboratory and field studies · Pharmaceutical Industrial Giants · Toxicology Societies and the people Associated · Nobel laureates in Health Care and Medicine · Pharmacists · Pharmacologists · Toxicology Professionals · Genetic Professionals · Pathology Professionals · Forensic Professionals · Pharmaceutical companies · Clinical Laboratories and Technicians · Bio-informatics Professionals · Research Institutes and members · Supply Chain companies · Manufacturing Companies · Training Institutes · Business Entrepreneurs Scientific Sessions Session on: Toxicology Toxicology deals with the examination of the character and action of dangerous substances. It incorporates, seeing and uncovering appearances, parts, acknowledgment and handling of harmful substances significantly association with the symptom of people. It consolidates customary masters and organic chemistry blends found in nature, and likewise pharmaceutical mixes that are organized for useful use by people. These substances could have harmful effects in living structures change of integrity intrusion being developed outlines, bother, malady and death.

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