Third Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRT) Conference

December 16, 2019

Based on the success of the 2018 Theranostics Consensus Conference and the 2019 categorial Theranostics: Regulatory Considerations for Product Development—co-hosted by SNMMI, FDA, and the National Cancer Institute (NCI)—major stakeholders in theranostics, including the FDA, NCI, academicians, clinical physicians, and pharmaceutical company executives will once again gather at the National Cancer Institute – Shady Grove, Maryland, for a day of in-depth discussions.

The conference will focus on maximizing dose to tumor while sparing normal tissue, the current state of the science, state of the art clinical trial design, and strategies for achieving response. 


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Theme:  What is the goal with radionuclide therapies - palliative, curative, or adjuvant treatment?

8:00–8:15 am

Opening Remarks
Vasken Dilsizian, MD (SNMMI President)
Janet Eary, MD (Associate Director CIP, DCTD, NCI)

Session One: Maximizing dose to tumor while sparing normal tissue

8:15–8:35 am

High vs. low LET radionuclides
Joe O’Donoghue, PhD (MSKCC)

8:35–8:55 am

Using imaging to assess the dose effect on tumor and normal tissue 
Sara St. James, PhD (University of California, San Francisco) 

8:55–9:25 am            

Panel discussion: Modeling and Measuring Dose Effects
Moderator: John Sunderland, PhD (U of Iowa)
Speakers: Eric C. Frey, PhD (Johns Hopkins); Anders Josefsson, PhD (Johns Hopkins); Asha Das, MD (Progenics)

Session Two: Current State of the Science:  Maximizing treatment efficacy

9:25–9:50 am            

Normal tissue toxicity – normal tissue limits from low-dose rate radiation effects
Marjan Boerma, PhD (Arkansas)

9:50–10:10 am            

Agent Optimization: ADME, Dose and Decay
Martin Brechbiel, PhD (NIH)

10:10–10:30 am

Landscape Analysis: Summary of Phase 1 Agents
Joseph Osborne, MD (Weill Cornell)

10:30-10:50 am


10:50–11:20 am

Panel discussion: Targeting strategies for radionuclide delivery 
Moderator: Lalitha Shankar, MD, PhD (Nuclear Medicine, CTB, CIP, NCI)
Speakers: Qing Liang, PhD DABR (Actinium Pharmaceuticals); Charles Limoli, PhD (UC Irvine); Michael Schultz, PhD (U of Iowa)

Session Three: Current State of the Art:  Clinical Trials Design

11:20–11:40 am

Safety Considerations and Use of Quantitative Imaging
Neeta Pandit-Taskar, MD (MSKCC)

11:40 am–12:00 pm

Landscape Analysis: Summary of Phase 2 and 3 Agents
Erik Mittra, MD (OHSU)

12:00–1:00 pm


1:00–1:20 pm

Clinical Trial Design Strategies: The Australian Experience
Michael Hofman, MD (Peter MacCallum Cancer Center) – by video

1:20–1:40 pm

Clinical Trial Design Strategies: The German Experience
Winfried Brenner, MD (Charité – University Medical Center Berlin, Germany)

1:40–1:50 pm

Clinical Trial Design: FDA Perspective
Sue-Jane Wang PhD (FDA)

1:50–2:20 pm

Panel discussion: Assessing human toxicities – short and long-term
Moderator: Michael McDonald, MD, PhD (CIP, NCI)
Speakers: Frank Lin, MD (NCI); Tom Hope, MD (UCSF); John Buatti, MD (U of Iowa); Tim Akhurst, MD (Peter MacCallum Cancer Center) – by phone

Session Four: Achieving Response: Strategies

2:20–2:40 pm

Where is the gap?  Framing the right question(s)
Janet Eary, MD (Director CIP, NCI)

2:40–3:00 pm

Prioritization of trial objectives: Analysis of treatment failures and conditions that led to Failure
Charles Kunos, MD, PhD (NCI)

3:00–3:20 pm

FDA Perspective: Therapeutic clinical development considerations
Denise Casey, MD (FDA)

FDA Perspective: Diagnostic clinical development considerations
Anthony Fotenos MD (FDA)

3:20–3:40 pm

Industry’s perspective
Maurizio Mariani, MD, PhD (AAA, a Novartis Company)

3:40-4:00 pm


4:00–4:30 pm

Panel discussion: Rationale for combination therapies, sensitization. and normal tissue protection
Moderator: Bhadrasain Vikram, MD (NCI)
Speakers: Richard Wahl, MD (Washington U); Charles Kunos, MD, PhD (Radiation Oncology, CTEP, NCI); Sandy McEwan, MD, PhD (Ipsen)

4:30–5:00 pm

Publication Planning and Meeting Summary
Michael McDonald, MD, PhD (CIP, NCI)
Daniel Lee, MD (Therapy Center of Excellence President, SNMMI) 

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