Policy Issues & Priorities

SNMMI's Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs (HPRA) Department works with its Committees to establish policy priorities on an annual basis.  The following are the four policy priorities and specific issues for SNMMI:

GOAL 1:  Ensure a stable supply of isotopes and work toward quicker approvals of new tracers/products

  • Domestic Isotope Availability
  • FDA Part 212 Compliance
  • FDA Approval Prcess Reform
  • Funding for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Research

GOAL 2:  Ensure appropriate and adequate reimbursement for tracers/drugs and procedures

  • Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) Reform
  • Bundled Payment Reform
  • Medicare Reimbursement
  • Private Payer Reimbursement

GOAL 3:  Lead on issues relating to radiation safety

  • Pharmacy Compounding Legislation
  • CARE Legislation
  • Direct Supervision/Medicare Conditions of Participation
  • Patient Pelease Criteria
  • NRC Part 35 Revision and Implementation

GOAL 4:  Incorporate quality, evidence and value in all policy development

  • Work with SNMMI's new Evidence and Quality Department on new framework for evidence based guidance documents
  • Collaborate with the European Association of Nuclear Medicine and others to produce proceedure standards
  • Ensure Congress and CMS value nuclear medicine and molecular imaging when determining value of appropriate use criteria