The General Clinical Nuclear Medicine (GCNMC) Council is a group within SNMMI dedicated to the scientific interchange of ideas among Society members who have interest in clinical nuclear medicine issues. The overall mission of the GCNMC is to:

(a)    provide a forum for members with similar interests

(b)   provide to membership expertise in clinical nuclear medicine

(c)    foster research and education in clinical nuclear medicine

(d)   provide outreach to other professionals and organizations

(e)    nurture new membership into the Society

(f)    serve as a resource to SNMMI Leadership

President’s Message

Christopher J. Palestro, MD, FSNMMI, FACNM

At the SNMMI Annual Meeting in Anaheim, I had the privilege of succeeding Dr. Timothy Manzone as President of the General Clinical Nuclear Medicine Council (GCNMC). On behalf of the Council I want to extend our appreciation to Dr. Manzone for his leadership over the past two years, especially for his efforts to establish the GCNMC Lectureship Award. Dr. Manzone is now Chair of the Council’s nominating committee and Dr. Darlene Metter is Secretary/Treasurer.

At the Annual Meeting, the GCNMC welcomed Gad Abikhzer, MDCM, FRCPC, our new Board member, and Ms Laura Wotta, CNMT, the Council’s new intern.  The GCNMC Board also thanked outgoing board member Dr. Leonard Freeman for his leadership, dedication and service to the Council.

I am pleased to announce that this year’s GCNMC Lectureship awardee is Anca M. Avram, M.D., a nuclear medicine physician whose outstanding work on theranostics for thyroid carcinoma has garnered international acclaim. Dr. Avram’s presentation at the annual meeting was entitled “The Evolving Paradigm of Radioiodine Therapeutics for Thyroid Cancer.”

The GCNMC was very well represented at the 2019 Annual Meeting, sponsoring a Categorical Session, “Molecular Imaging of Inflammation and Infection: Today and Tomorrow”, and six Continuing Education Sessions, covering a broad range of topics including lung scintigraphy, diabetic pedal osteomyelitis, and case based musculoskeletal diseases. The council also co-sponsored a CME session on post-operative bone SPECT/CT in orthopedics.

 The GCNMC seeks to promote and improve GCNM practice by providing continuing education, and strives to foster camaraderie, collaboration, and pride among GCNM practitioners. Our Council serves as a forum for physicians, scientists, and technologists interested in general clinical nuclear medicine procedures, and works to support the SNMMI Value Initiative. 

The GCNMC is active in reviewing guidelines and regularly sponsors educational activities at the SNMMI’s mid-winter and annual meetings. We encourage you and your colleagues to join our council. Enjoy browsing the GCNMC website, and feel free to provide us with your feedback and suggestions.


How to Become a Member
Membership in the General Clinical Nuclear Medicine Council is limited to members of the SNMMI. Membership can be attained by indicating the desire to join during the annual renewal of the SNMMI membership or by filing an application with the Secretary of the council.

Payment of Dues
Membership in the GCNMC requires payment of dues in the amount of $20/year. Dues are paid to SNMMI and will be due on October 1st of each year.

Benefits of Membership:
Membership makes you a part of a professional group within the SNMMI that:

Provides continuing education for professionals in the various areas relating to through sponsored symposia and continuing education courses. Each year the GCNMC puts on a Categorical Seminar or symposia, and Continuing Education Courses on topics of interest to professionals in the clinical nuclear medicine.

Provides a forum and a mechanism for discussion and dissemination of information relating to the clincal nuclear medicine. The GCNMC members receive periodic Newsletters and electronic mailings containing information on professional activities, government issues, and a host of other topics related to clinical nuclear medicine. Members will soon have access to GCNMC Web pages and e-communicites, which will contain timely and archived information relating to a variety of topics in clinical nuclear medicine.

Provides expertise in clinical nuclear medicine to SNMMI leadership and to groups outside of SNMMI seeking such expertise. The GCNMC has representation in a number of governance groups within SNMMI, including the Committee on Councils and the House of Delegates.

Learn more about the specific benefits the GCNMC council has to offer by emailing 


GCNMC Lifetime Achievement Award

The GCNMC Lifetime Achievement Award is established to recognize those physicians and scientists who have distinguished themselves through a career dedicated to the advancement of patient care through the field of nuclear medicine. These individuals will have provided outstanding contributions to the general nuclear medicine subspecialties including urogenital, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, endocrine and gastrointestinal imaging that have advanced the field to allow improved clinical diagnosis and patient care. 

The 2019 GCNMC Lifetime Achievement Award winner is Christopher J. Palestro, MD.  Dr. Palestro is professor of radiology at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine of Hofstra University and the chief of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging for Northwell Health. He is recognized worldwide for his pioneering work in the use of radiolabeled leukocytes for localizing infections, in particular those of the musculoskeletal system. He has an excellent track record for high-impact publications and has served on the editorial board of several prestigious journals in the field, including the Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology. He has also served on numerous committees of national organizations and published more than 150 peer reviewed manuscripts. Dr. Palestro has delivered more than 700 meeting presentations and received numerous honors and awards.



Dr Manzone, President, GCNMC (right) presents Dr. Palestro with the 2019 GCNMC Lifetime Achievement Award


Past Lifetime Achievement Award
2015: Naomi Alazraki, MD
2016: Leonard Freeman, MD
2017: Stanley Goldsmith, MD
2018: Eva Dubovsky, MD
2019: Christopher Palestro, MD
2020: Ora Israel, MD


GCNMC Lectureship Award

The Council strives to improve GCNM practice by providing continuing education, and seeks to instill camaraderie and pride in GCNM practitioners. The GCNMC Lectureship will recognize a speaker who will present insights on the value of GCNM in clinical practice. 

The 2019 GCNMC Lectureship Award winner is Anca M. Avram, MD. Dr. Avram is Professor of Radiology at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor where she currently serves as Director of the Nuclear Medicine Therapy Program. After she received her medical degree, Dr. Avram pursued initial post-graduate training in Internal Medicine, and then advanced specialty training in Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, and in Nuclear Medicine, both completed at the University of Michigan. In 2005, Dr. Avram joined the faculty of the University of Michigan specializing in nuclear imaging and therapeutics, and she has developed a strong nuclear medicine therapy program involving clinical research, patient care, and post-graduate medical education. During this time, she has been a contributing author on 75 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, 50 abstract presentations at national meetings and 9 book chapters. Dr. Avram’s clinical interests include radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer and radioimmunotherapy for lymphoma. Dr. Avram’s research interests focus on the role of diagnostic radioiodine imaging for guiding 131-I treatment for thyroid cancer (radiotheranostics), and clinical dosimetry protocols for metastatic thyroid cancer. In parallel with clinical radiotherapeutics program, NIH-funded research in radio-immunotherapy has been conducted in the Nuclear Medicine Therapy Clinic for many years, along with research in thyroid cancer imaging-based staging, patient risk stratification prior to radioiodine therapy and tumor dosimetry. Dr. Avram is the key architect of the current transformation of the very important segment of General Clinical Nuclear Medicine – characterization of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer to better inform our clinical management decisions. Her publications, based on her extensive clinical experience in this field, have earned her unparalleled National and international acclaim. She has presented invited lectures in this rapidly evolving area throughout the United States, as well as in Europe and beyond. 


 Dr. Avram, 6th from left, receiving the 2019 GCNMC Lectureship Award from Dr. Mark Tulchinsky.



Past GCNMC Lectureship Award Recipients
2018: William Leslie, MD
2019: Anca Avram, MD
2020: Herbert Chen, MD
















The Society recognizes the need for sub-specialty interests/expertise within the field of nuclear medicine and moleuclar imaging. Councils provide the expertise, professional networking and educational programs for nuclear medicine professionals in respective areas and serve as a resource for development and implementatin of Society policies.

Council membership is voluntary. Councils adhere to Society Bylaws and policies, while operating under its own Operating Procedures, as approved by the House of Delegates, and its own business plan and budget, as approved by the SNMMI Board of Directors.

This section provides the following council specific information.

GCNMC Board of Directors
GCNMC Operating Procedures
GCNMC Business Plan
GCNMC Council Reports to the House of Delegates
GCNMC Past Presidents

GCNMC Past Presidents
2010 - 2011: Mark Tulchinsky, MD
2011 - 2013: Harvey A. Ziessman, MD
2013 - 2015: Helena R. Balon, MD
2015 - 2017: Leonard Freeman, MD, FACNM, FACR
2017 - 2019: Timothy A. Manzone, MD, JD, CCD

GCNMC Lifetime Achievement Award
2015: Naomi Alazraki, MD
2016: Leonard Freeman, MD
2017: Stanley Goldsmith, MD
2018: Eva Dubovsky, MD
2019: Christopher Palestro, MD
2020: Ora Israel, MD

GCNMC Lectureship Award
2018: William Leslie, MD
2019: Anca Avram, MD
2020: Herbert Chen, MD

GCNMC Annual Meeting Education Sessions

GCNMC Announcements

SNMMI 2020 Annual Meeting - Virtual Edition

July 11-14, 2020
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Join the General Clinical Nuclear Medicine Council

Council membership is voluntary. Society members are eligible for council membership, and can belong to as many councils as they wish. The General Clinical Nuclear Medicine Council dues are $20.00. Join this council


2020 Annual Meeting - GCNMC Categorical Sessions:

  • CAT07: Pearls and Pitfalls of Common Nuclear Medicine Procedures (co-sponsored with the Advanced Associate Council)
    Saturday, June 13 7:30 - 3:00 pm

  • CAT02: A new Decade of Molecular Hybrid Imaging in Orthopedics and Rheumatology: Focus on bone and infection/inflammation (co-sponsored with the British Institute of Radiology)
    Saturday, June 13 7:30 - 3:00 pm

2020 Annual Meeting - GCNMC CE Sessions:

  • CE05: GCNMC Lectureship: Radioguided Techniques during Parathyroid Surgery
    Saturday, June 13 1:30 - 3:00 pm
  • CE16: Complementary Roles of Nuclear Medicine and Radiologic Imaging in the Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Diseases: Case Based, Interactive Session
    Sunday, June 14 12:30 - 2:00 pm

  • CE30: Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis: Diagnosing and Monitoring Treatment with Imaging
    Sunday, June 14 4:45 - 6:15 pm

  • CE59: Clinical Applications of Advances in SPECT and SPECT/CT
    Monday, June 15 4:45 - 6:15 pm

  • CE75: Hepatobiliary and Gastric Scintigraphy
    Tuesday, June 16 10:00 - 11:30 am