The Brain Imaging Council provides a forum whereby information relating to brain imaging may be discussed and disseminated and also provides a mechanism for the promotion and encouragement of basic brain imaging research and development. The Council is dedicated to the scientific interchange of ideas among Society members who have interest in brain imaging using radiopharmaceuticals. The overall mission of the Brain Imaging Council is to:

(a)    provide a forum for members with similar interests

(b)   provide to membership expertise in brain imaging using radiopharmaceuticals

(c)    foster research and education in brain imaging using radiopharmaceuticals

(d)   provide outreach to other professionals and organizations

(e)    nurture new membership into the Society

(f)     serve as a resource to SNMMI Leadership



It is with profound gratitude and excitement that I have accepted the honor of serving as the President of the Brain Imaging Council (BIC) of the SNMMI. I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside a group of accomplished clinicians and researchers who are at the forefront of advancing brain imaging technologies and their applications.

 First and foremost, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to the immediate past President, Dr. Donna Cross, for her exceptional dedication in leading our council over the last couple of years. Her and the previous Presidents’ efforts have laid a strong foundation on which we can continue to build.

As we look ahead, the field of brain imaging presents us with both exciting challenges and incredible opportunities. Rapid advancements in imaging modalities, novel radionuclides, data analysis techniques, and interdisciplinary collaborations hold the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the brain and its complex workings. As the incoming President, I am committed to embracing these opportunities and driving our council towards new frontiers. During my tenure as President, I will focus on the following three objectives that are aligned with the goals of the Brain Imaging Council:


  1. Increasing Public Awareness: One of our main responsibilities is to raise public awareness about the utility of brain imaging in diagnosing and managing conditions such as dementia, neuropsychiatric disorders, and brain injury. Through webinars and other educational initiatives, and collaboration with patient advocacy groups, we will share with the public the knowledge about the transformative potential of brain imaging in improving healthcare outcomes.
  2. Enhancing Physician Awareness: To facilitate early and accurate diagnosis, it is imperative to increase physician awareness of the utility of nuclear medicine procedures in detecting and managing neuropsychiatric disorders. By organizing intersocietal training sessions, disseminating research findings, and promoting best practices, we will equip physicians with the necessary tools to leverage brain imaging in their clinical decision-making.
  3. Promoting the Adoption of Latest Generation Imaging Equipment: Collaboration with industry and academia is key to fostering the widespread adoption of state-of-the-art imaging equipment. We will actively work with stakeholders to identify, endorse, and advocate for the latest generation imaging technologies that offer unique opportunities for studying the brain. By fostering innovation and promoting access to advanced imaging tools, we can advance the frontiers of brain imaging research.

I wholeheartedly invite each one of you to actively participate in our endeavors, share your insights, and contribute your expertise towards achieving these goals. Together, we will create a future where brain imaging plays an integral role in shaping better healthcare outcomes and improving the lives of individuals affected by neurological conditions.

Thank you for entrusting me with this esteemed position. Let us embark on this journey together, guided by our shared passion for advancing brain imaging and making a profound impact on patient care and scientific understanding.


With warmest regards,

Ciprian Catana, MD, PhD, DABSNM

President, Brain Imaging Council

The Brain Imaging Council is please to offer its members access to the Neurostat/3D-SSP software. Please email us for more information.

The lastest BIC Webcase can be found here

The Kuhl-Lassen Award
The highest award of SNMMI's Brain Imaging Council was created to honor two founding pioneers in functional brain imaging: SNMMI member David E. Kuhl, M.D., and Nils Lassen. The Kuhl-Lassen Award is given annually to recognize a scientist who has made outstanding contributions and whose research in and service to the discipline of functional brain imaging is of the highest caliber.

Learn more about the Kuhl-Lassen Award.

BIC Young Investigator Awards Symposium
SNMMI symposium and competition, in association with the Brain Imaging Council, for the best scientific abstracts on neurosciences nuclear medicine.  Learn more about the BIC Young Investigator Awards.

BIC Travel Award
This award is designed to recognize and support the attendance of students, postdoctoral scholars, trainees and early career junior faculty in the field of brain molecular imaging, who are members of the SNMMI and will present abstracts in person at the SNMMI Annual Meeting. Learn more about the BIC Travel Award.

The Society recognizes the need for sub-specialty interests/expertise within the field of nuclear medicine and moleuclar imaging. Councils provide the expertise, professional networking and educational programs for nuclear medicine professionals in respective areas and serve as a resource for development and implementatin of Society policies.

Council membership is voluntary. Councils adhere to Society Bylaws and policies, while operating under its own Operating Procedures, as approved by the House of Delegates, and its own business plan and budget, as approved by the SNMMI Board of Directors.

This section provides the following council specific information.

BIC Board of Directors
BIC Operating Procedures
BIC Business Plan
BIC Council Reports to the House of Delegates
BIC Past Presidents

How to Become a Member
Membership in the Brain Imaging Council is limited to members of the SNMMI. Membership can be attained by indicating the desire to join during the annual renewal of the SNMMI membership or by filing an application with the Secretary of the council.

Payment of Dues
Membership in the BIC requires payment of dues in the amount of $15/year. Dues are paid to SNMMI and will be due on October 1st of each year.

Benefits of Membership:
Membership makes you a part of a professional group within the SNMMI that:

Provides continuing education for professionals in the various areas relating to Brain Imaging through sponsored symposia and continuing education courses. Each year the BICC puts on a Categorical Seminar or symposia, and Continuing Education Courses on topics of interest to professionals in the Brain Imaging.

Provides a forum and a mechanism for discussion and dissemination of information relating to the Brain Imaging. The BIC members receive periodic Newsletters and electronic mailings containing information on professional activities, government issues, and a host of other topics related to the Brain Imaging. Members will soon have access to BIC Web pages, which will contain timely and archived information relating to a variety of topics in the Brain Imaging.

Provides expertise in the Brain Imaging to SNMMI leadership and to groups outside of SNMMI seeking such expertise. The BIC has representation in a number of governance groups within SNMMI, including the Committee on Councils and the House of Delegates.

Learn more about the specific benefits the BIC council has to offer by emailing

Brain Imaging Council Announcements


SNMMI 2024 Annual Meeting

June 8-11, 2024 | Toronto, Canada

The premier educational, scientific, research, and networking event in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, the SNMMI Annual Meeting provides physicians, technologists, pharmacists, laboratory professionals, and scientists with an in-depth view of the latest research and development in the field as well as providing insights into practical applications for the clinic.

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Council membership is voluntary. Society members are eligible for council membership, and can belong to as many councils as they wish. The Brain Imaging Council dues are $15.00. Join this council