Thyroid Imaging and Therapy for Thyroid Cancer Webinar

Thyroid Imaging and Therapy for Thyroid Cancer Webinar

In this patient-focused webinar, Drs. Iagaru and Farwell present an overview of molecular imaging and treatment for thyroid cancer.

To aid in diagnosis and treatment, doctors use molecular imaging to:

  • Determine the exact location of a tumor, the extent or stage of the disease, and whether the cancer has spread in the body
  • Plan treatment by selecting the most effective therapy based on the unique molecular properties of the disease and of the patient’s genetic makeup
  • Determine the patient’s response to specific drugs and ongoing therapy. Based on changes in cellular activity observed on PET-CT images, treatment plans can be quickly altered.

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About the Speakers

Andrei Horia Iagaru, MD, FACNMAndrei Iagaru, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology at Stanford School of Medicine Program Director for the Nuclear Medicine Residency Program \





Alan FarwellAlan P. Farwell, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine Director of Endocrine Clinics