SNMMI Committees


In addition to traditional board committees such as Finance, Membership, Scientific Program, and Awards, the Society also hosts a number of substantive committees addressing specific issues associated with nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, scientific research and the practice of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. The President appoints all committee chairs and members, and all serve for specified periods of time. Use the links below to review committee listings and descriptions of activities.


Committee on Awards
Committee on Coding and Reimbursement
Committee on Community Based Nuclear Medicine 
Committee on Continuing Education
Committee on Early Career Professionals 
Committee on Education
Committee on Fellows
Committee on Finance
      Subcommittee on Audit
      Subcommittee on Investments
Committee on Government Relations
Committee on Guidance Oversight
Committee on History
Committee on Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD)
Committee on Membership
Committee on Outreach
Committee on Procedure Standards
Committee on Past Presidents
Committee on Publications
Committee on Quality and Evidence
Committee on Radiopharmaceuticals
Committee on Residents/In-Training
Committee on Scientific Program
Committee on Women in Nuclear Medicine
Community Based Nuclear Medicine Committee

Committees Reporting to the House of Delegates

Committee on Bylaws
Committee on Chapters
Committee on Councils and Centers
Committee on Ethics
Committee on Nominations

Task Force

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force
FDA Task Force
Quality Systems Personnel Training Program Task Force
Radiation Dose Assessment Resource (RADAR) Task Force

Clinical Trials Network

CTN Operations Committee 
CTN Research Committee
Nuclear Medicine Clinical Trial Group (NMCTG)