SNMMI Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Research Fellowship

Applications will open in October. Apply here!

Amount: $60,000

Sponsored by: SNMMI VI


To grow radiopharmaceutical therapies, a suitable cadre of trained physician investigators must be developed who have clinical research and care expertise in this domain.  This program will develop clinical research competencies in radiopharmaceutical therapies including designing and helping conduct a clinical therapy trial.  Fellow will participate in all clinical trial procedures including but not limited to attending all sponsored study meetings (study initiation, etc.),  consenting patients for research protocols, interacting with the IRB (or equivalent), and conducting study procedures with study participants including histories, physicals and safety testing.  Fellow will interface with academic and  corporate sponsors of therapy trials and attend NCI cancer cooperative group meetings for their host institution’s group.  Scientific writing skills with preparation of scientific abstracts and manuscripts will be emphasized.  Clinical skills in radiopharmaceutical therapy will be honed, so that at the conclusion of the program,  the fellow will be very familiar with diagnostic imaging procedures guiding therapies, patient assessment (including collecting relevant medical history, performing physical exams), patient selection,  integration of other cancer therapies, and appropriate care pathways for FDA-approved molecular radiopharmaceutical therapies, and other investigational radioisotopes and molecules.


This application must be completed in its entirety and submitted along with:

 Applicant's current curriculum vitae, attached to application section 'General Information'.

 A research abstract and a detailed research proposal not to exceed 4 pages, excluding references, attached to application section 'Research Proposal'.

 One letter of recommendation from proposed host program director/mentor, who must be a SNMMI member. Further instructions are included in the 'Letters of Recommendation' section of this application.

 One letter of recommendation from a scientific or clinical mentor with direct knowledge of the candidate's work. Further instructions are included in the 'Letters of Recommendation' section of this application.

Applicant Eligibility:

  • Open to candidates from North America and performance sites in North America for this initial fellowship
  • Applicant must be a member of SNMMI at the time of the award
  • Applicant must be an MD, DO, or MD/PhD  (or expecting to receive the degree by the time the fellowship begins). Completion of foundational nuclear medicine training is required.

Applicants will be evaluated on:

  • The relevance of their research goals/project to advance the use of radiopharmaceutical therapy
  • The originality and practicality  of the proposed project
  • The scientific reasoning of the research project methodology
  • Suitability of the host facility for conducting the research
  • Ability of the host institution to fund research project expenses