Resident Committee


Committee Charges

  • Collaborate with the SNMMI Domain 3: Workforce Pipeline working group to develop a practice-based outreach plan for communicating the value of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging to medical students, radiology residents, physics residents, research fellows and other identified early career professionals.
  • Identify physicians in various regions/chapters/localities to help disseminate materials to and communicate with program directors and program coordinators.
  • Develop educational materials to assist young professionals with opportunities within nuclear medicine and molecular imaging services.

Committee Members

Justin G. Peacock, MD, PhD Chairperson
Domnique Newallo, MD, RT (R) (CT) Vice-Chairperson
Katherine M. Binzel, PhD Mentor
Sharmila Dorbala, MD Mentor
Frederick D. Grant, MD Mentor
Steven H. Liang, PhD Mentor
Mark F. Smith, PhD Mentor
Alan B. Packard, PhD Ex-Officio Member
Emily Bremer Committee Member
Justin L. Brown, PhD Committee Member
Natalie K. Domeisen, MD Committee Member
Emily B. Ehlerding, PhD Committee Member
Shadi Abdar Esfahani, MD, MPH Committee Member
Mary Ellen I. Koran, MD, PhD Committee Member
Carl I. Odom, MD, MS Committee Member
Ali Salavati, MD, MPH Committee Member