Computers In Nuclear Medicine; A Practical Approach 2nd Ed.

Kai H. Lee, PhD

Nuclear medicine computer acquisition and processing require far more intensive interaction between the user and the computer than do most other medical applications. Thus, nuclear medicine computer users must not only understand computers but also keep up with and be well versed in new developments in computing devices and image processing software.

Computers in Nuclear Medicine is a basic and practical, but comprehensive guide to computing tools in nuclear medicine imaging that will help readers more easily grasp the principles, design, capabilities and limitations of computers in the context of nuclear medicine.

The new, easy-to-use workbook format makes this a great educational tool. Students and program directors will find this edition especially useful, as it features:

  • Key words for each chapter
  • User-friendly figures and charts
  • In-depth appendices
  • Additional references

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Functions and Components of a Computer System

The Memory Unit

Mass Storage Devices

Input/Output Devices

An All-Digital Nuclear Medicine Department

Computer Software

Image Acquisition Methods

Qualitative Image Analysis

Basic Quantitative Image Analysis

Nuclear Cardiology

Emission Computed Tomography