Steves' Review of Nuclear Medicine Technology - 4th Ed.

Norman E. Bolus, MPH, CNMT; Amy Byrd Brady, BS, CNMT

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This detailed overview of nuclear medicine technology covers patient care, instrumentation, nuclear oncology, electrocardiography, interventional drugs and new therapeutic agents—is complemented by hundreds of self-evaluation questions and answers mirroring the structure of national certification examinations. 

4th Edition Highlights
Steves’ Review of Nuclear Medicine Technology: Preparation for Certification Examinations features an additional 200 self-evaluation questions, essential content on CT, PET, Advanced Cardiac, and Math Primer. The proven performance booster!

ISBN 978-0-932004-87-1 



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Part I: Review of Nuclear Medicine Technology

  1. Radiation Protection and Federal Regulations
  2. Patient Care
  3. Radiopharmaceuticals, Interventional Drugs, and Introduction to Pharmacology
  4. Math and Radiation Physics Primer
  5. Instrumentation and Basic Counting Statistics
  6. Instrumentation Quality Control
  7. Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography
  8. Health Informatics and Introduction to Research Methods
  9. Cardiovascular System
  10. Central Nervous System
  11. Endocrine System
  12. Gastrointestinal System
  13. Genitourinary System
  14. Respiratory System
  15. Skeletal System
  16. Infection/Inflammation Imaging
  17. Nuclear Oncology
  18. Hematopoietic System
  19. Radionuclide Therapy

Part II: Advanced Information and Post Primary Certification Primers

  1. Advanced Nuclear Cardiology Review
  2. Advanced PET Imaging Review
  3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Primer

Part III: Preparation for Primary Certification Examination

  1. Computer-Adaptive Testing
  2. How to Use the Practice Examinations
  3. Examinations
  4. Answers to Examinations
  5. Examination References