Cardiology Topic 2 (Self-Study Program III)

Elias H. Botvinick MD, series editor

Pharmacologic Stress, Elias H. Botvinick, MD.

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Pharmacologic Stress

Principles of Perfusion Scintigraphy 

The Choice Among Stress-Testing Methods 

Direct or Indirect Tests of Coronary Flow Reserve

The Patient Population 

The Spectrum of Pharmocologic-Stress Agents-Direct Coronary Dilators 

The Protocols-Coronary Dilators

Symptoms, Side Effects and Complications-Coronary Dilators

Test Interpretation and Applications 

The Clinical Value of Perfusion Scintigraphy Performed with Direct Coronary Dilators 

Specific Categories for Prognostic Evaluation

New Areas of Application 

Potential Problems with the Method 

Induced Ischemia 

Pharmacologic Stress Testing with Dobutamine 

A Consideration of Ischemic Endpoint

Dynamic and Pharmacologic Stress Echocardiography