MIRD Cellular S Values

Roger W. Howell, PhD, Dandamudi V. Rao, PhD,

Lionel G. Bouchet, PhD, Wesley E. Bolch, PhD


S. Murty Goddu

Provides tools necessary to estimate the absorbed dose at the cellular level from intracellularly localized radionuclides using cellular S values for emitters of monoenergetic electrons and alpha particles and almost all radionuclides.

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Cellular Model

Cellular Dosimetry

  • Formalism
  • Radiation Spectra
  • Cellular S values

Assumptions and Limitations

  • Dependence of S value on Stopping Power Data
  • Limitations on the Use of Stopping Powers in Cellular Dosimetry
  • Dependence of S value on Mean B-energy versus B-spectrum
  • Dependence of S value on Cell Geometry
  • Cross-Dose Contributions to the Total Mean Cellular Absorbed Dose
  • Relative Importance of Self-Dose versus Cross-Dose
  • Precautions Regarding Use of S values

Examples of Use of the Cellular S values

  • Self-Absorbed Dose to Radiolabeled Lymphocytes
  • Total Absorbed Dose to Cancer Cells in the Peritoneum
  • Self-Absorbed Dose to Prolifereating Cells