The CTN PET Joint Commission Compliance Program

Has Your Site Initiated A Compliance Strategy? 

On July 1, 2015 the Joint Commission implemented revised requirements for diagnostic imaging services. These revised regulations now include phantom-based imaging performance assessments for PET scanners. 

To help PET imaging sites operating under Joint Commission accreditation demonstrate compliance with these new imaging requirements, SNMMI has initiated a new Joint Commission PET scanner compliance program.

The SNMMI Joint Commission PET Scanner Compliance Program is designed to help your site meet these new requirements, while generating clinically meaningful scanner performance data to help your sites monitor scanner performance over time and optimize your clinical image quality.

CTN is Here to Help Piece Things Together!

CTN has developed an anthropomorphic oncology phantom with 12 spheres ranging in size from 7mm to 37mm.  The phantom is imaged at a 4:1 sphere-to-background ratio.


  1. Data is acquired using the sites' standard clinical oncology protocol including time per bed position and reconstruction parameters.  Image data yields a contrast recovery coefficient curve, clinically relevant noise assessment, and assessment of low-contrast lesion detectability. 
  2. Simply scan the phantoms and submit your DICOM datasets to the CTN server. Then our automated system will identify the phantom type, analyze the images, and generate a comprehensive report and certificate of completion. 
  3. A qualified medical physicist then completes a final evaluation, making sure to include recommendations for any metrics outside the recommended CTN ranges.  
  4. Lastly, CTN sends the site a final comprehensive report and certificate of completion valid for one calendar year!


Please submit your feedback about your site's experience with the "PET Joint Commission Compliance Program."