Celebrate Clinical Trials Day with the SNMMI Clinical Trials Network!

May 15, 2023

The SNMMI Clinical Trials Network (CTN) is celebrating Clinical Trials Day on May 20, applauding all of the successes and striving for continued excellence in clinical research.

Formed in 2008 by SNMMI to help facilitate the effective use of radiopharmaceuticals in clinical trials, the CTN's mission is to facilitate the effective use of nuclear medicine in clinical trials through standardization, coordination, and education for drug development and regulatory approval.

CTN works collaboratively with SNMMI councils and chapters as well as with external groups to move the entire field forward. In working with other imaging associations such as the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, and industry leaders, the CTN envisions having a key role in advancing the use of radiopharmaceuticals and optimizing the use of molecular imaging in clinical trials and for dissemination into clinical practice.

The CTN maintains a comprehensive database that stores and manages information on imaging sites, production sites, and those sites that have both imaging and production capabilities. To date, we have more than 500 sites registered in the CTN database. To access or add your site to the CTN database, click here.

DaRT — the CTN Database Reporting Tool

In addition, the CTN can assist with your studies with site identification, clinical trial design, PET/CT scanner validation, SPECT/CT scanner calibration and characterization, novel tracer image interpretation criteria development, clinical research educational course development, and image interpretation training.

(A) Tissue-equivalent SPECT/CT calibration phantom with plastic bottle insert; (B) CTN chest phantom (left); PET/CT image of a CTN chest phantom (right); (C) Sample PET/CT validation report

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