New Issue of Clinical Trials Newsletter "Pathways" Now Available

March 11, 2022

The February 2022 issue of the SNMMI Clinical Trials Network newsletter, Pathways, is now available online.

Articles include:

  • SPECT/CT Scanner Calibration for Quantitative Dosimetry
    John Sunderland, PhD, MBA and Stephen Graves, PhD, DABR

  • The Rising Tide of Quantitative Dosimetry in Radiopharmaceutical Therapies
    Jonathan E. McConathy, MD, PhD and John Sunderland, PhD, MBA

  • Dosimetry for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy: Currently Available Resources
    Pat Zanzonico, PhD

  • Personalized Dosimetry in the Era of Theranostics: When to Do Dosimetry
    Hong Song, MD, PhD, Valentina Ferri, PhD, and Andrei Iagaru, MD, FACNM

  • The Dosimetry Workflow
    Carlos Uribe, PhD, MCCPM

  • Dosimetry for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy: A Physician’s Perspective
    Courtney Lawhn-Heath, MD

  • Dose Calibrator Calibration for Imaging for Dosimetry: Practical Considerations
    John Sunderland, PhD, MBA and Stephen Graves, PhD, DABR

  • Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Dosimetry: The Technologist Perspective
    Daniel R. Yoder, CNMT