Fault at ANSTO Temporarily Stops Production of Mo-99

September 13, 2019


On September 12, ANSTO communicated that it stopped production of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) due to detection of a fault in a valve. There is no timeline yet as to when the situation will be corrected; ANSTO will provide an update when more detail is available. The facility is cooperating with other international suppliers to help minimize the impact of the closure.

Located in Australia, ANSTO operates the OPAL reactor, one of the key producers of Mo-99, an isotope used in more than 40,000 medical procedures in the U.S. each day. Technetium-99m, the decay product of Mo-99, is used in the diagnosis of heart disease and cancer and to perform other important medical applications.

“ANSTO has four teams working in parallel to progress options to rectify the issue,” said the ANSTO spokesperson. “We thank the nuclear medicine community, and in particular the Nuclear Medicine Working Group, who are helping ensure that the reduced amount of nuclear medicine gets to areas needed most.”

SNMMI will post updates as they become available. For more information, visit the ANSTO website.