SNMMI To Host Therapeutics Conference in October

August 13, 2019

In October, SNMMI will offer a new conference focusing on practical aspects of nuclear medicine therapy. Therapeutics Conference: Therapies, Theranostics, and Building Your Radionuclide Clinical Practice will be held October 25-27 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The conference will focus on educating nuclear medicine physicians, technologists, hospital administrators, nurses, oncologists, and patients on how to establish a nuclear medicine therapy program in their institution. It will open on Friday, October 25, with an introduction to theranostics, how to operationalize a practice, and medical physics and radiation safety. Saturday’s sessions will cover incorporating new therapies into existing clinical practice, with focus on endocrine, gastrointestinal, and prostate therapies. Sunday’s session will cover billing and regulatory issues.

Speakers include:

  • Phillip Koo, MD, from Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Daniel Pryma, MD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Sandy McEwan, MD, Ipsen Pharmaceuticals
  • Jennifer Kwak, MD, University of Colorado
  • Phillip Kuo, MD, PhD, University of Arizona
  • Michael Sheetz, MS, CHP, DABMP, University of Pittsburgh
  • Douglas Van Nostrand, MD, FACP, FACNM
  • Christopher Lieu, MD, University of Colorado
  • Tanya Dorff, MD, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Denise Merlino, CNMT, CPC, MBA, FSNMMI-TS, Merlino Health Care Consulting Corp
  • Shaemus Gleason, MD, Bayer

SNMMI has a wide variety of resources on nuclear medicine therapy and theranostics, including a JNM supplement and extensive JNM content, JNMT content, SNMMI Annual Meeting sessions, protocols and standards,  cases, newsletter articles, fact sheets, and more. In addition, SNMMI has hosted several Theranostics Consensus Conferences in the past few years. Read a recent summary of other SNMMI efforts supporting nuclear medicine therapy.