SNMMI Radiation Dose Tool Updated to Include RADAR Dosimetry Table

August 15, 2018

The Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Dose Optimization Task Force has updated the SNMMI Radiation Dose Tool to include a second dosimetry table option: RADAR 2017. Users of the dose tool can select which of the two tables to reference when they request a dose estimate.

The dose estimates originally included in the tool were drawn from ICRP 128. The second set of dose estimates comes from the newly published RADAR 2017, developed by the RADAR Committee, and benefits from more accurate anthropomorphic phantoms and modern effective dose calculations. RADAR 2017 is based on 2007 recommendations from the International Commission on Radiological Protection.

The online dose tools help educate imaging professionals on best practices for adult and pediatric nuclear medicine. The Radiation Dose Tool provides users with rapid access to guidelines, recommended protocols and injected activity, as well as estimates of effective dose and critical organ dosimetry, presenting a wide range of patient sizes and pregnancy stages. Its companion Pediatric Injected Activity Tool provides injected activity specifically for pediatric patients, based on weight.

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