Ready, Set, Jet with CTN

November 9, 2016

Have you been keeping an eye out for what CTN has been doing lately? In addition to providing cutting-edge education at the SNMMI Mid-Winter and Annual meetings, CTN frequently presents at international conferences.

Recently, David Dick, PhD, and SNMMI President Sally Schwarz, RPh, MS, BCNP, traveled to Japan for the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting. Dick presented on radiopharmacy with an emphasis on gallium, including the U.S. experience, kit chemistry, generators, cyclotron production of gallium-68 and distribution possibilities. CTN was instrumental in the approval of the first gallium-68 labelled agent in the U.S. and is now assisting other countries in adopting the technology. 

From Japan, Dick flew to Melbourne, Australia, to join John Sunderland, PhD, at the 4th Theranostics World Congress. Sunderland presented a poster, developed in collaboration with CTN Director Bonnie Clarke, on the U.S. National Reader Training and Education Initiatives for Ga-68-labeled DOTATATE, DOTATOC and PSMA. The aim is to develop consensus among readers experienced in image interpretation, then collect and develop training materials and create the infrastructure to distribute them. This has already been done for NETSPOT and Axumin (see details here). 

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In the photo below, Dick (left) and Sunderland enjoy the Melbourne sights.