PET-CT Is Modern Standard for Response-Adapted Hodgkin Lymphoma Therapy

May 19, 2016

In a recent issue of Blood, Barrington and colleagues report positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) is the modern standard for staging Hodgkin lymphoma and can replace contrast-enhanced CT (CECT) in the vast majority of cases, based on the large, international RATHL (Response-Adapted Therapy in Advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma) clinical trial.

RATHL used PET-CT for staging and for response monitoring after two cycles of doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine, dacarbazine (ABVD) to guide treatment modification.

“Staging of Hodgkin lymphoma patients in this large prospective study confirms that an important proportion will be staged differently using PET-CT compared with clinical assessment, CT, and bone marrow biopsy,” the authors reported. “When discordance occurs in the imaging stage, PET-CT is usually more accurate than CT.”

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