SNMMI-TS Announces 2016 Leadership Academy Participants

January 12, 2016

Congratulations to the participants selected for the 2016 SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy! They are:

Loukisha L. Collins, CNMT
Jason J. Colloton, CNMT, RT(N)
Kimberlie F. Franks, CNMT, RT(R)
Krystle W. Glasgow, MIS, NMAA, CNMT
Kimberly Kerry Jackson, CNMT
Sara Johnson, MED, CNMT
Amber C. Lindars, CNMT, CPhT
Samantha Palensky, CNMT
Joshua J. Reynolds, MBA, CNMT, RT(N)(CT)(MR)
Jessica M. Rodgrs, CNMT, RT(N)
Melinda Walker, CNMT
Morgan R. Stefan
Sarah Pigmon
Yasmeen Mansour
Richard A. Mandis
Juan Madrid
Rhevon Lewis

The SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy is a unique opportunity to increase leadership skills and opportunities through a two-day course, fully funded by the Technologist Section. The 2016 academy will be held on January 27-28 in conjunction with the SNMMI Midwinter Meeting in Orlando, FL.