Rubidium PET/CT reveals vascular problems in diabetes patients

December 16, 2015

Danish researchers have found high rates of microvascular disease using PET/CT with a rubidium radiopharmaceutical in diabetes patients without symptoms of heart disease. The disease was exacerbated in the setting of albuminuria, a common condition in these patients, according to a new study in Diabetologia.

The researchers studied 60 patients with diabetes with a high prevalence of albuminaria, or the presence of the protein albumin in urine, a common symptom of kidney disease. They used rubidium PET/CT and coronary calcium scoring together to reveal microvascular dysfunction and poor cardiac flow reserve in nearly half of all patients by ruling out stenosis in the major coronary vessels, the team concluded.

Cardiac flow reserve was almost one-fifth lower in diabetes patients compared with healthy volunteers and as much as one-third lower in those with albuminuria.

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