Notification of Proposed SNMMI Bylaws Change

November 19, 2015


The current version of Article III, Section 1, Paragraph G, of the SNMMI Bylaws is included below in its entirety. Proposed deletions are struck through. Proposed additions are underlined. The proposed amendments represent changes to the “Emeritus” membership category, as approved in January 2015 and revised on November 12, 2015.

 —James M. Woolfenden, MD, Chair, SNMMI Committee on Bylaws


Article III, Section 1, Paragraph G

Individuals at age 65 and retired from practice or at the age of 70 regardless of practice upon their retirement and with after at least ten (10) years of consecutive membership in the Society, or any member who, by reason of permanent disability or undue hardship, has been rendered unable to continue active membership, may apply for an be granted Emeritus Membership classification to the Membership Committee of the Society. Emeritus members have the full privileges of the mem­bership category from which they entered the emeritus status except the right to be elected an Officer of the Society. An Emeritus Member, however, may be elected to the office of Historian of the Society.