High cost tempers value of PET/MRI for cardiac lesions

February 10, 2015

The ability of FDG-PET/MRI to detail morphology and assess malignancy makes it a "powerful tool" for the diagnostic workup of cardiac tumors, but it should be used judiciously because of its high cost and limited availability, according to a new study from Germany in the February Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Led by Dr. Felix Nensa from the department of diagnostic and interventional radiology and neuroradiology at University Hospital Essen, the study found that FDG-PET and MRI separately achieved sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 92% in determining tumor malignancy. When the two modalities were combined, both sensitivity and specificity reached 100% for diagnosing malignancy (JNM, February 2015, Vol. 56:2, pp. 255-260).

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