ERF RPSC Young Investigator Awards Symposium

SNMMI symposium and competition, in association with the SNMMI Radiopharmaceutical Science Council, for the best scientific abstracts on Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry nuclear medicine, designated as the ERF RPSC Young Investigator Award. The objectives of the award are to identify promising young investigators working in radiopharmaceuticals and radiopharmaceutical sciences nuclear medicine.

  • All applicants must be currently enrolled or within five (5) years of a completed certified training program.
  • All former first prize winners are ineligible.
  • Abstracts must be submitted to one of the five (5) categories in the Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Track.
  • All applicants must choose "Oral" as the Presentation Type.
  • Monetary prizes are offered for the above award in the following amounts:
    • 1st Prize: $500
    • 2nd Prize: $300
    • 3rd Prize: $200


Congratulations to the 2023 ERF RPSC Young Investigator Award Winners! 

 1st Place Winner: Tanpreet Kaur

Abstract Title: "Two-step 11C-Carbonylation for the Synthesis of [11C]Bexarotene and [11C]Acetoacetic acid using GE TracerLab Synthesis Modules"

 2nd Place Winner: Brett Vaughn

Abstract Title: "Pretargeted radioimmunotherapy with  212Pb-DOTA-based haptens in nude mice bearing established human-colorectal xenografts"  

 3rd Place Winner: Anton Lindberg

Abstract Title: "Structure-guided design of novel pyridinyl-indoles as 4R-tau PET radiotracers: Identification of [18F]OXD-2314 for human use"