Need help with your SNMMI account?

If you need an assistant with your existing account, please review the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you need additional help, contact us at

How do I unlock my account?

Your account will be locked after 3 failed login attempts. To unlock your account, please email your Member ID and email address associated with your account to Please don’t create a new account as it will not give you access to your existing SNMMI account.

I have multiple accounts.

SNMMI requires each user to have only one account. Having more than one account will prevent you for receiving member-rate on your SNMMI purchases, registering for events at member rate and access your CE credits. Send an email to and we will consolidate your multiple accounts and provide you with your default password.

My email address has changed, and I can’t access my existing account.

If you requested to reset your password and didn’t receive an email from us within 5-10 minutes, please email your current email address and your old email address to Please indicate if you would like us to reset your password to default one as well as updating your email address.

What if I can’t reset my password?

Our system will send a new password to the primary email address we have for you. If you aren’t sure what email address is your primary address in our system, you may try to use your alternative email address in order to reset your password, or email us your request at and we will reset your password to default one.