Past PIDSC Young Investigator Award Winners

Past Recipients PIDSC Young Investigator Award Winners  

2022 PIDSC Young Investigator Award Winners

First Place: Thibault Escobar: Radiomic decision maps reveal patterns discriminating between glioma progression and radiation-induced necrosis in static and dual time [18F]-FDOPA PET

Second Place: Xinjie ZengHigh Resolution TOF-DOI Prism-PET Brain Scanner: Experimental Results From The First Prototype Scanner

Third Place: Xiongchao Chen: DuDoSS: Deep-Learning-Based Dual-Domain Sinogram Synthesis from Sparsely Sampled Projections of Cardiac SPECT

2021 PIDSC Young Investigator Award Winners

First Place: Elena Maria Zannoni: Design study of a high-resolution and ultrahigh-sensitivity brain SPECT system for imaging medically intractable epilepsy  

Second Place: Lalith K. Shiyam Sundar: Data-driven motion compensation using cGAN for total-body [18F]FDG-PET imaging  

Third Place: Andy LaBella36-to-1 Multiplexing with Prism-PET for High Resolution TOF-DOI PET  

Honorable Mention: Yanis ChemliSuper-resolution in brain PET Using a Real Time Motion Capture System

Honorable Mention: Ivan S. Klyuzhin: Unsupervised background removal by dual-modality PET/CT guidance: application to PSMA imaging of metastases  

Honorable Mention: Da-ano Ronrick: Pre-selecting radiomic features based on their robustness to changes in imaging properties of multicentre data: impact on predictive modelling performance compared to ComBat harmonization of all available features  

Honorable Mention: Si Young Yie: Self-supervised Bone Scan Denoising   

2020 PIDSC Young Investigator Award Winners

1st place: Zhaoheng Xie - "Anatomy-guided PET image reconstruction with deep neural network""

2nd place: Martin Lyngby Lassen - "Aortic valve imaging using 18F-Sodium Fluoride: implications of triple motion correction on test-retest reproducibility"

3rd place: Haewook Park - "NEMA Performance Evaluation of Long Axial Field-of-View Brain PET Insert with 7T MRI Compatibility"

Honorable MentionZiping Liu - "A physics-guided and learning-based estimation method for segmenting 3D DAT-Scan SPECT images"

Honorable MentionTiantian Li - "Deep Learning Based Joint PET Image Reconstruction and Motion Estimation"

Honorable MentionYiran Wang - Effect of dual-input function and dispersion on lung FDG-PET kinetic quantification using the EXPLORER total-body PET/CT scanner


1st place: Varsha Viswanath - "Lesion detectability in long axial field of view TOF PET scanners"

2nd place: Kuang Gong - "Attenuation Correction of PET/MR Using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Network"

3rd place: Joyce van Sluis - "Performance characteristics and quantitative clinical evaluation of the digital Siemens biography Vision PET/CT"

Honorable Mention: Martin Lyngby Lassen

Honorable Mention: Jing Wu

Honorable Mention: Hui LIu

Honorable Mention: Bao Yang


1st Place Yihuan Lu - "Data-driven motion detection and event-by-event correction for brain PET."

2nd Place –Jeffrey P. Schmall - "Deep learning based attenuation correction for whole-body PET studies."

3rd Place – Jason M. Bini - "PET Imaging of Pancreatic β-Cell Mass with 11C-(+)-PHNO: Determination of the appropriate approach for quantitative analysis."

Honorable Mention:  Bao Yang - "Brain PET dose reduction using a shallow artificial neural network."

Honorable Mention:  Alvin Ihsani - "A Novel Penalized Joint Image Reconstruction Method for Tau-PET Imaging."

Honorable Mention: Donhwl Hwang - "Deep learning-based attenuation correction for whole-body PET studies."

Honorable Mention: Saeed Ashrafinia - "Application of Texture and Radiomics Analysis to Clinical Myocardial Perfusion SPECT Imaging."

Honorable Mention: Jun Yeon Won - "Development and initial results of a prototype brain PET scanner using a time-based digitizer and an FPGA-based real-time coincidence processor."  



1st Place – Emilie Gaudin - "Initial results of a truly pixelated APD-based PET scanner for high-resolution preclinical imaging."

2nd Place –Tao Feng- "Improved Image Quality with Locally Adaptive Gating in 4D PET Image Reconstruction."

3rd Place – Tiantian Li -  "Software for 3D Personalized Targeted Radionuclide Therapy Dosimetry."

Honorable Mention:  David FC Hsu - "Abstract Title: Studies of a Next Generation Silicon-Photomultiplier-Based Time-of-Flight PET/CT System."

Honorable Mention:  Andrew Groll - "Abstract Title: Ultrahigh Resolution Coplanar PET Imaging of Microfluidic Devices for Synthesizing PET Radiopharmaceuticals."

Honorable Mention: Joseph G. Meier - "Abstract Title: Impact of elastic motion correction on quantitation and image quality of whole-body PET/CT."

Honorable Mention: Bao Yang - "Abstract Title: Artificial neural network based regularization for brain PET image reconstruction."



1st Place – Sandra Van Der Velden - "Simultaneous fluoroscopy and nuclear imaging: Impact of collimator choice on nuclear image quality."

2nd Place – Catriona Wimberly- "Optimisation of quantification for 18F-DPA-714 in the healthy human."

3rd Place – Srilalan Krishnamoorthy- "Proton beam range verification with a dedicated in-situ partial-ring time-of-flight PET scanner."

Honorable Mention - Qian Wang - “A Systematic Evaluation of 18F Positron Imaging Using Radioluminescence Microscopy by Computational Simulation” 

Honorable Mention - Elena Maria Zannoni - "Design Study for MRC-SPECT-II: A new generation of MR-Compatible SPECT System bioinspired by superposition compound eyes for ultrahigh resolution SPECT Imaging."

Honorable Mention - Wentao Zhu- "Ultra-Low dose brain FDG PET imaging with an iterative all-TOF MLAA algorithm."

Honorable Mention - Wentao Zhu - "Accurate quantification for delayed FDG PET/CT imaging without secondary CT exposure."



1st Place – Chen-Ming Chang - "Preliminary PET performance evaluation of an RF field-penetrable brain-sized PET insert for simultaneous PET/MR imaging"

2nd Place – Nicholas Guehl - A combined PET-fMRI model for mapping neurotransmission: simulation and initial demonstration"

3rd Place – Richard Manber - "MR Image-based PET Respiratory Motion Correction in PET/MR"

Honorable Mention - Hyun Joon An - "Quantitative evaluation of improved MR-based attenuation correction for brain PET/MRI studies"

Honorable Mention - Vikram Adhikarla - "Modeling of [11C]MeNET binding to the norepinephrine transporter (NET) in healthy humans"

Honorable Mention - Jonathan George - "Evaluation of X-ray Fluorescence Emission Tomography for Real-time Assessment of Photodynamic Therapy Effect"

Honorable Mention - Andrew Groll - "Evaluation of Hybrid Pixel-Waveform (HPWF) CdTe and CZT Detectors for Sub-500 µm Resolution PET Imaging for Mouse Brain Studies"



1st Place – Guillem Pratx - "A novel radioluminescence microscope for imaging radiotracers at the single-cell level"

2nd Place – Dustin Osborne - Whole-body clinical dynamic imaging and Patlak modeling using continuous bed motion techniques"

3rd Place – Kuangyu Shi - "Hierarchical pharmacokinetic modeling for the analysis of dynamic F-18 FET PET/MR"

Honorable Mention -Mary Germino - "Generation of parametric images from time-of-flight 82Rb and 15O-water cardiac PET with ICA-derived input functions"

Honorable Mention - Will Hutchcroft - "Anatomical-image aided PET reconstruction by the kernel method"

Honorable Mention - Chuan Huang - "Fast tagged MR acquisition for PET motion correction in simultaneous cardiac PET-MR"

Honorable Mention - Auranuch Lorsakul - "A numerical observer for task-based assessment on kinetic parametric imaging



1st Place – Moses Wilks – "Quantitative in vivo imaging of slowly diffusing radiotracers"

2nd Place – Joyita Dutta – "Respiratory motion compensated pulmonary imaging using simultaneous PET-MR"

3rd Place – Hao Li – "Direct MAP estimation of attenuation sinogram using TOF PET emission data"

Honorable Mention - Guen Bae Ko – "New high performance SiPM PET insert to 9.4-T MR scanner for simultaneous PET/MRI studies"

Honorable Mention - Jongmin Cho  – "Proton beam range verification using PET: Comparison of polycarbonate and copper activation"

Honorable Mention - Chuan Huang  – "Real-time 3D motion tracking using MR micro-coils for PET imaging"

Honorable Mention - Matteo Tonietto – "Plasma metabolite correction: Improvements of current parent plasma models"



1st Place – Yoann Petibon– "MR-based motion compensation in simultaneous cardiac PET-MR "

2nd Place – Mattijs Elschot– "Quantitative comparison of PET and SPECT for imaging the yttrium-90 microsphere distribution after liver radioembolization"

3rd Place – Si Chen– "Four-dimensional PET image reconstruction with respiratory and cardiac motion compensation from list-mode data"

Honorable Mention - Chung Chan– "Improved image reconstruction for dedicated cardiac SPECT with truncated projections"

Honorable Mention - Arda Konik  – "Comparison of three different methods of acquiring attenuation maps for SPECT in the presence of respiratory motion"

Honorable Mention - Ida A. Nissen  – "Impact of partial volume corrections on quantitative brain PET studies"

Honorable Mention - Mike Sattarivand– "Symmetric geometric transfer matrix partial volume correction for PET imaging"