Pet Center Of Excellence Clinical Tools

PET E-Library

The PET Center of Excellence has developed an electronic library of key literature related to PET/CT. Topics include procedure guidelines, cost-effectiveness, reporting, and more.

PET E-Library

Imaging Atlas

The PET Center of Excellence Board of Directors recommends the following dynamic imaging atlas links:


Response Criteria

The Response Criteria page includes response criteria articles, including the following:

  • RECIST (2009)
  • PERCIST (2009)
  • Harmonization Project I & II (2007)
  • EORTC (1999)

PET and PET/CT Procedure & Practice Guidelines

PET and PET/CT Procedure and Practice Guidelines for Oncology, Brain and Cardiac:


Off-the-Wall Guides

The Off the wall guides are useful charts, tables, and/or diagrams for physicians to use as references in their PET/CT reading areas:

NCCN Clinical Oncology Guidelines