CMIIT Task Forces

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board oversees the production of the MI Gateway newsletter (members serve as editors of specific issues on a rotating basis); assigns authors for MI Update (in Newsline); and consults on authors/topics for Focus on Molecular Imaging (in JNM).

Membership and Innovation Task Force Kayvan Keshari, PhD, Chair

One of the primary goals of this task force is to develop a program to attract a broad spectrum of molecular imaging physicians, scientists, technologists, and technicians to SNMMI. But this task force has a broader mandate than simply creating a membership recruitment campaign to attract molecular imaging professionals. It determines how SNMMI can better meet the diverse educational, professional, and scientific needs of this very large and multidisciplinary community.

Nominating Committee Jonathan McConathy, MD, PhD, Chair

The Nominating Committee develops the slate of candidates for the CMIIT Board of Directors election each spring.

Preclinical Imaging Task ForceDustin Osborne, PhD, Chair

This Task Force was formed to create best practices guidelines based on how to design and conduct preclinical imaging experiments; to serve as consultants on preclinical imaging issues; to develop resources for training MI lab specialists; to encourage the development of standards for image formats and management, and to develop standard protocols for imaging database management and methods.

Program CommitteeSteve Y. Cho, MD, Chair

The Program Committee develops molecular imaging-based educational programs for the annual and midwinter SNMMI meetings as well as other stand-alone or collaborative meetings sponsored by CMIIT. Educational programs, workshops, symposia, and web-based training are being designed to meet the diverse educational needs and address the inter-disciplinary nature of the molecular imaging community.

Optical Imaging Task Force - Walter Akers, DVM, PhD, Chair

To identify, promote, and facilitate collaboration and education in the discovery, research, development, and translation of optical technologies used in the context of molecular imaging with foundational principles found in nuclear medicine.  Specifically, the priorities of the Task Force are (1) to indentify and advance opportunities to employ optical technologies for pathological validation of nuclear imaging probes across spatial and temporal scales in molecular imaging, (2) to expand the clinical utility of nuclear imaging into new clinical disciplines, including surgery and pathology, by augmenting nuclear imaging capabilities with those of emerging optical techniques, and (3) to provide expertise in optical imaging and its relevance to nuclear imaging for education within the SNMMI and outreach to relevant groups outside of the SNMMI.

Value Proposition of Molecular Imaging Task Force - Kim Kelly, PhD, Chair

This task force is made up of CMIT Board members and Industry members.  The purpose of the Task Force is to determine why industry and others see value in molecular imaging as well as what challenges they face.

Website Task ForceNeil Petry, MS, RPh, BCNP

The Website Task Force oversees the molecular imaging web site and guides its continued development into a resource that will serve as a central repository for online information, education, and training in molecular imaging for various audiences. The website will serve to increase understanding about the benefits and applications of molecular imaging, create an interest in utilizing molecular imaging to advance patient care, and generate interest in utilizing molecular imaging to advance research in relevant areas. This Task Force will provide critical input into the development of materials that discuss the applications and diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of molecular imaging. Working groups in the areas of optical imaging, ultrasound, neuroimaging, and MR imaging assist these efforts by providing specialized content.