Edward J. Hoffman Award

This award was established to honor the memory of Professor Edward J. Hoffman. It recognizes nuclear medicine imaging scientists/engineers who have made outstanding contributions in the research, development, lab-to-clinic translation, and clinical use of nuclear medicine instrumentation, algorithms, and computer code and who have made outstanding contributions to the education of nuclear medicine scientists/engineers and physicians in training.

The recipient of the Edward J. Hoffman Memorial Award will receive a plaque and check for $500, and will have the privilege of delivering a presentation at the Edward J. Hoffman Memorial CE session to be held at the SNMMI Annual Meeting.

The 2023 Hoffman Award is presented to Ronald Boellaard, PhD., Professor, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the Amsterdam University Medical Center and University Medical Center Groningen. Dr. Boellaard is receiving the award for his contributions to PET data analysis and scanner harmonization and his unwavering dedication to bringing PET data quantification into routine clinical use.

Ronald Boellaard, PhD


Download a Hoffman Award Nominee Application here! Applications should be sent to tellmer@snmmi.org. 


Previous Hoffman Award Winners

2022- Margaret Daube-Witherspoon, PhD

2021 - Ramsey Badawi, PhD

2020 - Dimitris Visvikis, PhD

2019 - Georges N. El Fakhri, PhD, FSNMMI

2018-Eric C. Frey, PhD

2017-Frederik Beekman, PhD

2016- Irene Buvat, PhD

2015 -Benjamin M. W. Tsui, Ph.D.

2014 -Ronald J. Jaszczak, PhD

2013 -Tom K. Lewellen, PhD

2012 - Paul E. Kinahan, PhD

2011 - Michel Defrise, PhD

2010 - Grant T. Gullberg, PhD

2009 - Richard E. Carson, PhD

2008 - Bruce H. Hasegawa, PhD

2007 - Joel S. Karp, PhD

2006 - Michael A. King, PhD

2005 - Simon R. Cherry, PhD