PET Update: current status and future developments

June 29, 2017
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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PET imaging has found widespread acceptance in routine clinical practice and the number of PET scans and new imaging centres in the UK is rapidly increasing. New PET scanner technologies create exciting opportunities for scientists to work towards improving image quality and quantitative accuracy of PET imaging, exploiting dynamic imaging for capturing additional physiological information, reducing radiation dose and better controlling image artifacts including motion. Scientists also play have a key role in the development of new and exotic tracers and their introduction to the clinic expanding the role of PET beyond FDG imaging to novel oncology, neurology and cardiology applications. The aim of this meeting is to bring together clinical scientists and academic researchers to discuss the current status of PET imaging and the opportunities created by new developments. Target audience 1. Nuclear Medicine Physicists 2. Nuclear Medicine Practitioners For further details, visit our website:

Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine

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