2012 Annual Meeting News, Announcements, Research

2012 Annual Meeting News, Announcements, Research

Press Releases and Materials
SNM's 2012 Annual Meeting
June 9-13, Miami Beach, Fla.
Miami Beach Convention Center, Room D231

SNM News
6/27/12 SNM Annual Meeting Spotlights Advances in Research and Technology
6/11/12 SNM Membership Votes to Change Society Name to Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
6/11/12 SNM Releases Radiation Dose Optimization Position Statement
6/6/12 Miami Beach Proclaims "Nuclear and Molecular Imaging Week" During SNM's Annual Meeting
6/4/12 Media Advisory: Medical Imaging Group Announces Groundbreaking Research in Cancer, Heart and Brain Disease (.pdf)
3/27/12 SNM Annual Meeting Looks to the Future

Scientific Research
All scientific research press releases are embargoed until Monday, June 11, at 12:30 p.m. EDT.
Abstract Executive Summary
6/11/12 Breathing Treatment Improves Cardiac Function and Nerve Health
6/11/12 Molecular Imaging "Sees" Inside Coronary Arteries to Measure Disease
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General Clinical Specialties
6/11/12 PET Imaging Could Lead to Better Care for Neuroendocrine Cancer
6/11/12 Have No Fear: Most Cases of Thyroid Cancer Do Not Affect Survival
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Instrumentation and Data Analysis
6/11/12 Beating Hearts Are Finally Still with 4D PET Image Reconstruction
6/11/12 Reconfigured Hybrid Imaging Lowers Radiation Exposure
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Molecular Targeting Probes
6/11/12 Bioluminescence Imaging Lights Up Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth
6/11/12 State-of-the-Art Scanning Detects More Cancer in Bone
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6/11/12 Molecular Imaging Detects Signs of Alzheimer's in Healthy Patients
6/11/12 Cocaine Vaccine Gets a Boost With Molecular Imaging
6/11/12 Molecular Imaging Finds Link Between Low Dopamine Levels and Aggression
6/11/12 PET Quickly Predicts Success of Brain Cancer Treatment
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Oncology – Basic
6/11/12 New Skin Patch Treatment Kills Most Common Form of Skin Cancer
6/11/12 New Therapy Extends Life for Prostate Cancer Patients
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Oncology – Clinical
6/11/12 PET Predicts Outcome of Therapy For Colorectal Cancer Patients
6/11/12 Molecular Imaging Signals New Treatment Protocol for Kidney Cancer
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Image of the Year
6/11/12 SNM 2012 Image of the Year: Bi-213-DOTATOC for a New Treatment for GEP-NET Tumors Resistant to Standard Therapies

Press Conference Materials
6/12/12 View Recording of the Press Conference
6/12/12 Press Conference Agenda (.pdf)
6/12/12 Research Slides and Image of the Year (.pdf)
6/12/12 Speaker Biographies (.pdf)

SNM/SNMTS Officers
6/11/12 SNM Elects Frederic Fahey, DSc, as President during 2012 Annual Meeting
6/11/12 SNM Elects Gary L. Dillehay, MD, FACNM, FACR, as President-Elect during 2012 Annual Meeting
6/11/12 SNM Elects Peter Herscovitch, MD, as Vice President-Elect during 2012 Annual Meeting
6/11/12 SNM Announces Brenda J. King, CNMT, FSNMTS, as President of Technologist Section during 2012 Annual Meeting
6/11/12 SNM Announces Scott Holbrook, BS, CNMT, FSNMTS, as President-Elect of Technologist Section during 2012 Annual Meeting

8/2/12 SNMMI Honors Outstanding Contributors at Annual Meeting
8/2/12 SNMMI Technologist Section Announces Award Winners
6/11/12 Abass Alavi, MD, and Steven Larson, MD, Receive 2012 Benedict Cassen Prize for Research in Nuclear Medicine
6/10/12 Daniel S. Berman, MD, Receives SNM's 2012 Georg Charles de Hevesy Nuclear Pioneer Award
6/10/12 Mark M. Goodman, PhD, Receives SNM's 2012 Aebersold Award for Outstanding Achievement in Basic Nuclear Medicine Science