The Council provides a forum whereby information relating to brain imaging may be discussed and disseminated and also provides a mechanism for the promotion and encouragement of basic brain imaging research and development.

Normal SPECT brain perfusion database (see link below) is a searchable database for single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) rCBF studies in healthy human subjects for purposes of education and research. Through the searchable database you will be able to access images for viewing or download raw projection data and reconstructed SPECT scans in various file formats. Demographic and scan parameter information are also provided with the scans.

Osama Sabri

Much of the focus of 2012-13 was in the context of the recent FDA approvals of two new brain imaging radiopharmaceuticals; a beta-amyloid binding agent that can detect Alzheimer disease and reliably distinguish Alzheimer disease and frontotemporal dementia, and a dopamine transporter agent that can distinguish Parkinsonism from essential tremor.  These developments and associated perspectives for wide-spread use of these new diagnostic techniques have created huge interest in neurology, psychiatry and geriatric medicine. Furthermore, in 2011 the National Institute of Aging and Alzheimer’s Association published a revision of diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease and its prodromal stages that would allow a specific diagnosis based on imaging biomarkers even before the onset of dementia.

In this setting, there is expanding interested in a number of issues associated with the successful incorporation into clinical practice; radiopharmaceutical availability, technical training around acquisition and interpretation of images, the role of quantification, and clinical interest of the neurologic community in developing scintigraphic or other biomarkers for diagnosis in neurodegenerative disease at-risk populations as putative disease-modifying treatments become available. Programs at both the 2013 Midwinter and Annual Meetings continue to highlight and engage this discussion.

A task force led by Dr. David Djang with support from BIC intern (2011 - 2013) Dr. Marcel Janssen published a practice guideline for 123I-FP-CIT for the Society last year.  Along similar lines a task force spear-headed by Dr. Satoshi Minoshima is being developed to generate practice guidelines for beta-amyloid PET imaging.  Efforts are being focused on outreach projects to neurologists and other professional societies to help guide their clinical use of our new technologies.  The SNMMI and BIC sponsored a very successful symposium at the American Association of Geriatric Psychiatrists annual meeting in March 2013 entitled “Emerging Role of Amyloid PET Imaging in the Clinical Diagnosis and Management of Dementia”, with three speakers from the BIC. Our intern, Dr. Martijn Muller, under the guidance of Dr. Nicolaas Bohen, developed an on-line slide set to assist neurologists in their understanding and clinical use of functional neuroimaging. Further, the increased focus on clinical neuroimaging has amplifiied interest in the diagnostic use of FDG. Several BIC members have been working with the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) and other research organizations in Europe, Asia and Australia to create large multicenter PET data bases comprising longitudinal data in controls, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. Similarly, the Parkinson’s Progression Marker Initiative (PPMI) is an international, multicenter, longitudinal study of imaging and non-imaging biomarkers in Parkinson’s disease with leadership of the Imaging Core assumed by Dr. John Seibyl. A task force led by Dr. Bohnen completed a literature review on the diagnostic utility of FDG for dementia, providing data to CORAR and IMT that could underpin an approval of FDG as a diagnostic marker in dementia, and published the review in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

The BIC recognizes the contributions of senior scientists who have made pioneering advances in the field through the annual Kuhl-Lassen award and lecture. Dr. Hank F. Kung, is recipient of the 2013 Kuhl-Lassen award.

Osama Sabri, MD, PhD
President, Brain Imaging Council

The Kuhl-Lassen Award
The highest award of SNMMI's Brain Imaging Council was created to honor two founding pioneers in functional brain imaging: SNMMI member David E. Kuhl, M.D., and Nils Lassen. The Kuhl-Lassen Award is given annually to recognize a scientist who has made outstanding contributions and whose research in and service to the discipline of functional brain imaging is of the highest caliber.

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Brain Imaging Council Young Investigator Awards Symposium
SNMMI-sponsored symposium and competition, in association with the SNMMI Brain Imaging Council, for the best scientific abstracts on neurosciences nuclear medicine.  Learn more about the BIC Young Investigator Awards.

The Society recognizes the need for sub-specialty interests/expertise within the field of nuclear medicine and moleuclar imaging. Councils provide the expertise, professional networking and educational programs for nuclear medicine professionals in respective areas and serve as a resource for development and implementatin of Society policies.

Council membership is voluntary. Councils adhere to Society Bylaws and policies, while operating under its own Operating Procedures, as approved by the House of Delegates, and its own business plan and budget, as approved by the SNMMI Board of Directors.

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Provides continuing education for professionals in the various areas relating to Brain Imaging through sponsored symposia and continuing education courses. Each year the BICC puts on a Categorical Seminar or symposia, and Continuing Education Courses on topics of interest to professionals in the Brain Imaging.

Provides a forum and a mechanism for discussion and dissemination of information relating to the Brain Imaging. The BIC members receive periodic Newsletters and electronic mailings containing information on professional activities, government issues, and a host of other topics related to the Brain Imaging. Members will soon have access to BIC Web pages, which will contain timely and archived information relating to a variety of topics in the Brain Imaging.

Provides expertise in the Brain Imaging to SNMMI leadership and to groups outside of SNMMI seeking such expertise. The BIC has representation in a number of governance groups within SNMMI, including the Committee on Councils and the House of Delegates.

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