ERF SNMMI-CMIIT Lab Professional Recognition Award for Contributions to Molecular Imaging

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Opening Date: Winter 2017

Amount: $1,000

Sponsored by: ERF


  • This award is designed to recognize innovative/novel and high-impact tools, techniques, and practices in molecular imaging developed by non-PhD laboratory professionals. T
  • his award is distinct from the CMIIT Young Investigator Award (YIA) presented during the SNMMI annual meeting and is specifically created for non-PhD lab professionals.
  • Publication of the work is not a requirement and larger bodies of work may be better suited for submission for the YIA, especially if the emphasis is upon research results as opposed to the development of new tools and techniques.
  • A limited number of awards will be granted for contributions in any molecular imaging category, including but not limited to biomarker development, CT, MRI, optical, PET, SPECT, and ultrasound imaging. Each award will consist of free registration to the 2018 SNMMI Annual Meeting and $1,000 monetary award. We highly encourage all winners to attend the CMIIT Business Meeting at the 2018 SNMMI Annual Meeting where they will be formally recognized in front of their peers.



  • All applicants must be members of the SNMMI or SNMMI-TS. To become a member, please visit:
  • Individuals with a doctorate (PhD, PharmD, etc) are not eligible.
  • Individuals in pursuit of a PhD or are in-training in programs higher than a master’s degree are not eligible.
  • Residents and fellows are also not eligible.
  • Currently employed in a laboratory at a staff level position.
  • Nominations must be by a SNMMI member
  • One page letter of nomination from the principle investigator (PI) or director of an imaging facility describing the individual’s role in the project and the impact/contribution to science
  • Nominee CV and a ½ to 1 page summary of the project or work and how it has impacted molecular imaging

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(applications open winter 2017)