2014 Award Winners

Funded by the Education and Research Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

ERF-SNMMI Robert E. Henkin Government Relations Fellowship ($1,000 plus expenses)
The Robert E. Henkin Fellowship is designed to provide young professionals in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging direct personal exposure to government relations activities of the SNMMI as well as the state and federal legislative and regulatory process.

- Jason Wachsmann, MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Sara Vandehey, CNMT, RT(N)(CT), Compass Oncology

ERF-SNMMI Ursula Mary Kocemba-Slosky, PhD, Professional Relations Fellowship ($1,000 plus expenses)
This fellowship is designed to provide young professionals in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging direct personal exposure to professional and public relations activities of the SNMMI as they relate to other medical societies and other professional organizations.

- Alexandru Bageac, MD, MBA

ERF-SNMMI Nuclear Medicine Physics Residency Training Grant ($75,000 over two years)
The grant was created to encourage the training of nuclear medicine physicists within established or new medical physics residency training programs, specifically to increase the number of medical physics residents training in nuclear medicine physics and ultimately seeking board certification.

- University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Department of Radiology
David W. Jordan, PhD, DABR, DABSNM, DABMP, Program Director

ERF-SNMMI Mitzi & William Blahd, MD, Pilot Research Grant ($25,000 over one year)
The pilot research grant is designed to help a basic or clinical scientist in the early stages of their career conduct research that may lead to further funding.  

- Venkatesh Murthy, MD, PhD, FACC,
University of Michigan
Molecular Imaging of Inflammation in Cardiac Sarcoidosis

ERF-SNMMI Annual Meeting Travel Awards ($1,000)
SNMMI Travel Awards help support registration, travel, and accommodations towards the attendance of students and postdoctoral or clinical trainees who will be presenting abstracts at the SNMMI Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, in June. 25 of the Travel Awards are funded by Education and Research Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

-Kanhaiyalal Agrawal
-Guillaume Amouroux
-Rubel Chakravarty
-Feng Chen
-Hongyoon Choi
-In Kook Chun
-Gemma Dias
-Joyita Dutta 
-Shadi Esfahani
-Seunggyun Ha
-Hao Hong
-Yong-Il Kim
-Zhibo Liu
-Zhuang Liu
-Haiming Luo
-Ryogo Minamimoto
-Darpan Pandya
-Hyun Soo Park
-Benjamin Rotstein
-Christos Sachpekidis
-Ali Salavati
-Sixiang Shi
-Kyanguy Shi
-W Siman
-Timothy Witney
-Yan Xing 
-Yin Zhang

ERF-SNMMI Technologist Section Travel & Student Travel Awards

Including 2014 Technologist Section Travel to World Federation (WFNMB) 

* 3 ERF-funded Awards

** SNMMI-funded Awards

SNMMI-TS Travel & Student Travel Awards help to support registration, travel, and accommodations towards the attendance of nuclear medicine technologists and NMT students who will be presenting abstracts at the SNMMI Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, in June.

-Shelley Acuff
-Yong Ho Do
-Aaron Ferguson
-Harsh Gandhi
-Bryan Kerr
-Jung Sun Kim
-Lejla Sarajlic
-Alan Stuckey

Student Technologists
-Hamzah Ahmed
-Ashley Crawford
Emily Daugherty
-Theresa Elrod 
-Elizabeth Garay
-Ann Havrilla
-Linnea Higgins
-Katherine Hill
-Jamie Laskero
-Ashley Lehman
-Areti Marko
-Brooke Matzke
-Katie Murphy
-Paige Nilles
-Cole Passe
-Mariah Root
-Nicholas Schertz
-Kayla Spindler
-Alexander Sprtel
-Kyle Steckbauer
-Christine Van Alstine
-Clarissa Venzke
-Aaron Wedlund
-Chloee Wendorf
-Allison Woodwick

ERF-SNMMI Paul Cole Technologist Scholarship ($1,000)

The Paul Cole Scholarship is named in memory of Paul Cole, CNMT, who served as President of the SNMMI Technologist Section (SNMMI-TS) in 1986 and who was known as a champion of education for technologists.

Baccalaureate Degree
-Nicole Klaus
-Linh Luong
-Jocelyn Monnin
-Mohamed Musse
-Amarachi Odu
-Stefania Palacio-Taba
-Ashlee Patterson
-Scott Sawyer
-Duy Tran
-Athas Tsongalis

Associate Degree
Monica Lynch
Rich Ruesch

-Ann Ellering
-Megan Euverman
-Allison Woodwick

ERF-SNMMI Technologist Section Bradley-Alavi Student Fellowships ($3,000 over 3 months)
These fellowships are designed to stimulate students' interest in molecular imaging/nuclear medicine by supporting their full-time participation in clinical and basic research activities for three months or less.

- Nathan Maassel, University of Maryland Medical Center/School of Medicine
- Hassan Mohy-ud-Din, Johns Hopkins University
- Will Takakura, MGH/HST A. A. Martinos, Center for Biomedical Imaging

ERF-SNMMI CMIIT Scientific Laboratory Professional Award ($1,000)
This award is designed to recognize innovative/novel and high-impact tools, techniques, and practices in molecular imaging developed by non-PhD laboratory professionals.

- Jan de Swart, Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands
- Elaine Jagoda, MS, National Cancer Institute
- Shalini Jaiswal, MS, CNMT, ARRT, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
- Valerie Ann Longo, BS, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

2015 ERF-SNMMI-Technologist Section Graduate School Program Grant
This grant will support new graduate education programs for technologists, or graduate education programs adding new tracks.

- Georgia Regents University, Augusta, Georgia
- Regis College, Boston, Massachusetts


 ERF- SNMMI CMIIT Young Investigator Award 

 -Brian Matthew Zeglis, YIA CMIIT 1st

-Paul Ellison, YIA CMIIT 2nd

-Christina Lewis, YIA CMIIT 3rd


ERF-SNMMI Arthur Weis Award in Radiation Dosimetry and Safety

 -Jean-François Montégiani


ERF-SNMMI Loevinger-Berman Award

 -S. James Adelstein, MD, PhD


ERF-SNMMI Michael J. Welch PhD Award

-Michael R. Kilbourn, MD, PhD


ERF-SNMMI Michael J. Welch PhD, RPSC Postdoctoral Travel Grant

 -Steven Liang


ERF-SNMMI Molecular Imaging Grant for Junior Academic Faculty

 Ming-Kai Chen, MD, PhD


ERF-SNMMI Technologist Section Bachelor's Degree Completion Scholarship

 -Rebecca A. Holstein

-Larissa Toderas


ERF-SNMMI SNMMI Predoctoral Molecular Imaging Scholar Program

 -Justin Klein


 ERF-SNMMI Postdoctoral Molecular Imaging Scholar Program

 -Bernadette Marquez, PhD


ERF-SNMMI Best Abstract Winners

 - Michael Everding

- Lance Burrell

- Patrick Wojtylak

- Ann Havrilla

- Timothy Naegle

- Clarissa Venzke

- Michael Czachowksi

- Yoya Tomita

- Shohei Mikasa


ERF-SNMMI Alavi-Mandell Publication Award 

The Alavi-Mandell award was started in 1999 – 2000. It is funded through the ERF (Education and Research Foundation). The award was established by Abass Alavi and Gerald Mandell to honor their fathers, who valued education immensely. Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity to reach their potential to become physician scientists. The award is given to individuals who were trainees/students at the time the work was carried out and made a major contribution to the completion of the project.  Also, the individual is the first author of the paper published in the JNM.  The award is accompanied by a monetary reward of $150, which is provided by the established fund.

 -Geraldine Gebhart

-Kayvan R. Keshari

-Brian Matthew Zeglis

-Sietske Gaykema


 ERF-SNMMI Journal of Nuclear Medicine Best Paper Award ($1,200)

-Sietske Gaykema

-Kayvan R. Keshari

-Brian Matthew Zeglis


ERF-SNMMI Technologist Section Susan C. Weiss Clinical Advancement Scholarship 

 -Jill Langenback


ERF-SNMMI Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology Best Paper Award 

Each year, the editor and the editorial staff of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology select the best 3 papers spontaneously submitted by a nuclear medicine technologist and published during the previous year. The criteria used for selection include originality and importance of the subject matter, scientific content, and quality of writing. The JNMT Editor’s Choice Awards are presented during the SNMMI-TS Business Meeting at the Annual Meeting. Each award consists of $450 and a plaque. (Funding for this award comes from the Education and Research Foundation.)

 -J. Long

-A. Suzuki

-E. Wallsten


ERF-SNMMI Outstanding Technologist and Educator Awards

 -Leonas A. Nalivaika

-Kathleen Krisak


ERF-SNMMI Young Investigator Awards ($200 - $1,000)

Young Investigators present abstracts during the Council’s Young Investigator Sessions in the areas of Radiopharmaceuticals; Brain Imaging; Computer and Instrumentation; Cardiovascular; Nuclear Oncology; Pediatric Imaging; and Correlative Imaging.  The following individuals where recognized for the quality of the abstract with a Young Investigator Award.

-Laura Sasportas, YIA NOC 1st

-Matthias Eiber, YIA NOC 2nd

-Harshad Kulkarni, YIA NOC 3rd

-Carmen Vigil, YIA NOC 3rd

-Eline Verwer, YIA NOC

-Pedram Heidari, YIA NOC

-Ahmed Tawakol, YIA NOC

-Dustin Wooten, YIA BIC 1st

-Matthias Brendel, YIA BIC 2nd

-Phillip Hsu, YIA BIC 3rd

-Reza Golestani, YIA CVC Basic 1st

-Xingyu Nie, YIA CVC Basic 2nd

-Johana Silvola, YIA CVC Basic 3rd

-Nishant Shah, YIA CVC Clinical 1st

-Ibrahim Danad, YIA CVC Clinical 2nd

-Mischa Rijnierse, YIA CVC Clinical 3rd

-Guillem Pratx, YIA CalC 1st

-Dustin Osborne, YIA CalC 2nd

-Kuangyu Shi, YIA CalC 3rd

-Mary Germino, YIA CalC Honorable Mention

-Chuan Huang, YIA CalC Honorable Mention

-Will Hutchcroft, YIA CalC Honorable Mention

-Auranuch Lorsakul, YIA CalC Honorable Mention

 -Steven Liang, YIA RPSC 1st

-Hua Yang, YIA RPSC 2nd

-Thomas Graham, YIA RPSC 3rd

-Feng Chen, YIA RPSC Travel Grant

-Reinier Hernandez, YIA RPSC Travel Grant

-Yusuke Yagi, YIA RPSC Travel Grant

-Yunan Yang, YIA RPSC Travel Grant

 -Steven Liang, YIA RPSC Travel Grant

-Hua Yang, YIA RPSC Travel Grant

-Thomas Graham, YIA RPSC Travel Grant


Funded by the Professional Development and Education Fund of the SNMMI-TS

Mickey Williams Minority Scholarship ($2,500)
These scholarships support two minority students pursuing a two- or four-year degree in nuclear medicine. This scholarship honors the memory of Mickey Williams, a past SNMMI-TS president who immigrated to the United States from Jamaica.

- Mohamed Musse, University of Findlay
- Duy Tran, Thomas Jefferson University


Funded by Nihon Medi-Physics, LTD

SNMMI Wagner-Torizuka Fellowship ($48,000 over two years)
The SNMMI Wagner-Torizuka Fellowship, sponsored by Nihon Medi-Physics Co., LTD, is a one or two-year fellowship in the United States and Canada for Japanese physicians in the early stages of their careers. The purpose of the program is to provide experience and training in nuclear medicine/molecular imaging modalities in the areas of cardiology, neurology, and oncology. The program is expected to advance Fellows' research and clinical expertise, as well as facilitate professional development, and to equip them to make significant contributions to the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging in Japan.

The Fellows completing their research in the 2012/2014 program are:

Takashi Kato, MD; Brigham & Women’s Hospital / Dr. Marcelo Di Carli

Shigetoshi Takaya, MD, PhD; A.A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Mass General Hospital / Dr. Steven Stufflebeam

Satoshi Takeuchi, MD, PhD   Univ. of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center / Dr. Homer Macapinlac


The Fellows who are mid-way through their research for the 2013/2015 program are:

Kenji Hirata, MD, PhD; UCLA – David Geffen School of Medicine / Dr. Henry Huang

Masamichi Ikawa, MD, PhD; Molecular Imaging Branch, NIH / Dr. Robert Innis

Ryogo Minamimoto, MD; Stanford School of Medicine / Dr. Sam Gambhir


The newly awarded 2014/2016 Wagner-Torizuka recipients were notified in March and are beginning now through summer.  The recipients are:

Ishiyama Mitsutomi, MD       University of Washington, Radiology / Dr. Satoshi Minoshima
Masayoshi Nakano, MD          Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Neurology, Radiology /Dr. Dean F. Wong

Kensuke Tateishi, MD            Massachusetts General Hospital, Oncology, Neurology, Radiology /Dr. Daniel Cahill

Henry N. Wagner Jr., MD,  Best Paper Award
For over 30 years, Dr. Wagner presented the Highlights lecture at the SNM Annual Meeting. This tradition has continued with the SNMMI Highlights Symposium. The newly created Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD, Best Highlights Session Paper Award recognizes outstanding science and identifies the top paper in one of the following categories: cardiology, general nuclear medicine, neuroscience, and oncology in conjunction with the SNMMI Highlights Symposium. The award will be selected using Dr. Wagner’s long-standing criteria: is it true? Is it new? Is it well-designed? And is it meaningful?

This award includes a $2,000 prize and a plaque, and is funded by the family of Dr. Wagner.

- Flavia Niccolini, MD
“Brain phosphodiesterase 10A (PDE-10A) density in early premanifest HD gene carriers”