Highlight Country: Canada

SNMMI is pleased to welcome Canada as the 2019 Highlight Country.

The Canadian Nuclear Medicine Association will make a presentation at the Opening Ceremony, present four continuing education sessions, and introduce attendees to aspects of their country and culture. We look forward to welcoming the delegation from Canada, as well as attendees from more than 60 countries across the globe to the SNMMI 2019 Annual Meeting!


Canadian Nuclear Medicine Association sponsored sessions:

  • June 22: Binary V/Q Scintigraphy in North America
  • June 23: Tele-Nuclear Medicine: The Success Stories
  • June 24: Technological Advances in PET/CT Imaging: What You Really Need to Know
  • June 25: Theranostics 101: Practical Clinical Aspects


Check back frequently for updates on sessions, poster presentations, and the Highlight Country lounge!