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2018 Poster Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Poster Award winners!

Educational Exhibits
  • Olivia Kelada (1st place)
  • Arman Rahmim (2nd place)
  • Michael Morris (3rd place)
Molecular Targeting Probes
  • Zhen Chen (1st place)
  • Chi-Chang Weng (2nd place)
  • Haibo Chen (3rd place)
  • Johanna Steen (3rd place)
  • Dileep Kumar (1st place)
  • Kenji Ishibashi (2nd place)
  • Shalini Jaiswal (3rd place)
Instrumentation and Data Analysis
  • Benjamin Lopez (1st place)
  • Davd Schlyer (2nd place)
  • Hui Liu (3rd place)
  • Kenji Fukushima (1st place)
  • Takashi Norikane (2nd place)
  • Takuro Isoda (3rd place)
Oncology, Basic
  • Azadeh Elmi (1st place)
  • Darrell Fisher (2nd place)
  • Yan Cui (3rd place)
Oncology, Clinical
  • Janet Pollard (1st place)
  • Antoni Mestre-Fusco (2nd place)
  • Omar Alonso (3rd place)
General Clinical Specialties
  • Malgorzata Lipowska (1st place)
  • Alyssa Goldbach (2nd place)
  • Jesus Diaz (3rd place)