Spotlights E-Newsletter - May 2016

May Spotlight Issue

Dear ACNM Members,

We are very excited to publish a unique issue of the popular ACNM online Spotlights. This publication includes many outstanding topics of interest for nuclear medicine physicians and scientists with the intent to provide easy access and immediate notification to our members of important ACNM events and areas of involvement. In addition, this month’s issue is dedicated to leadership and professional development with many outstanding write-ups from our dedicated ACNM members. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

This May 2016 issue also includes:

  • ACNM and NMRO at the 2016 SNMMI Annual Meeting
  • ACNM in Turkish Society of Nuclear Medicine 
  • Interview Dr. Amanda Lackey on productivity
  • Taking the 1st step : Introduction to Resident Leadership
  • Tips for getting a good start in research
  • 20 pearls for writing a successful scientific paper
  • Ethical research, Plagiarism in Medicine, Government relations update, Interesting case of the month and more.

A brief summary paragraph will be given in this original document, then you can click on “read more” to gain further information on the topic.

Simin Dadparvar MD, FACNM

Twyla Bartel, DO, MBA, FACNM
Associate Editor

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ACNM at Turkish Nuclear Medicine Society 2016 Annual Nuclear Medicine Congress, Izmir, Turkey
Amol Takalkar, MD, MS, MBA, FACNM   
The collaboration between ACNM & TSNM was further cemented at the recently conducted 2016 Annual Nuclear Medicine Congress of the Turkish Society of Nuclear Medicine in Izmir Turkey from April 6 through 10, 2016. TSNM had invited the Immediate Past President of ACNM (Dr. Rathan Subramaniam) and myself for talks at the Annual TSNM Congress. I gave two talks titled “Ga-68 Peptide Imaging in NETs” and “PET/CT & PET/MRI in the workup of Prostate Cancer” and Dr. Subramanian presented on “"Nuclear Medicine Training: Challenges and opportunities: USA perspective & Hybrid Imaging for Management of Colorectal Ca: What PET/CT serves & PET/MRI promises". (Read more)…

Q&A with Dr. Amanda Lackey on Productivity
Twyla Bartel, DO, MBA, FACNM
We invited Dr. Amanda Lackey, current breast fellow at Ohio State University, to give us a few tips on how to be a productive, efficient medical professional.
Interviewer:  Dr. Lackey, tell everyone a little about yourself and why this is such an important topic to you.  (Read more)

Motivated, Mentored and Open-Minded—Tips for Getting a Good Start in Research as an Early Career Professional
Tracy L. Yarbrough, MD, PhD
For many in the imaging sciences, as for physicians in general, research has been viewed as a four-letter word--something to be avoided if at all possible and something in which one engages tentatively and only when a project comes barreling through your window wrapped around a brick called tenure, tied with a string called promotion. But research need not be threatening, burdensome, or onerous. In fact, at any given point in a clinician’s career, research can provide an outlet for creativity, a platform for professional growth, and a route to increased career satisfaction. Whether “bench,” “clinical” or “translational” in form, research is the origin of many of things we now consider routine clinical practice; FDG and PET, radio-immunotherapy and radio-embolization, low-dose radioiodine treatment for selected patients with thyroid cancer. (Read more)…

Ethical Research
Ashley Prosper, MD
What constitutes ethical conduct of research? Asking myself this question before sitting down to write, I produced only a handful of ill-defined, nebulous characteristics.   Reframing the question and considering what constitutes unethical research, my mind was quickly flooded with several specific examples of improperly conducted studies and papers produced under the guise of "research."  As I considered these examples of "what not to do," the definition of an ethical approach to research became much more concrete.  In many ways, the collective scientific community has come to a consensus on ethical research in a manner similar to the thought exercise I have described; creating guidelines in reaction to the improper conduction of research more so than as a proactive course of action. (Read more)…

Radiopharmaceutical Drug Development: From Test Tube to Human Testing
Andrew McKusick, RPh
Every industry in technological fields must advance and change unto improvement.  This is especially important for the field of Nuclear Medicine.  As MR, CT and Ultrasound all move forward, Nuclear Medicine is in danger of being encroached upon by these alternative imaging disciplines and  lose studies.  With the “nuclear” moniker, any movement toward a “non-nuclear” alternative is perceived as being advantageous by the lay community. (Read more)…

20 Pearls for Writing a Successful Scientific Manuscript
Kristina E Hoque, MS, MD, PhD
1.    When preparing to write a scientific manuscript it is critical to consider the audience. Plan ahead and consider the Journal most appropriate for your work. Consider the type of category your manuscript will fit under, and plan to structure your paper according to the Journal content and formatting requirements. (Read more)…

Plagiarism in Medicine
Pareen Mehta, MD
Plagiarism is simply defined as “to use the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words or ideas” 1. In the world of medical publication, this is a serious issue and can present itself in many different ways. This is a challenging topic for writers, reviewers and journal editors, as this issue is not as simple as it may seem. In fact, while plagiarism is considered to be on the rise, many cases may occur with no intent to deceive2. (Read more)…

Government Relations Update
Erica Cohen, DO, MPH
The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) has proposed several updates and changes to its Standards regarding examination and reporting of nuclear medicine studies, instrumentation and equipment, clinical protocols, and quality improvement initiatives. Many of these proposed changes involve nuclear cardiology studies and are based on recommendations by the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC). The Standards are open for public comment until June 1 and can be accessed at   (Read more)…

Taking the First Step: A Brief Introduction to Resident Leadership
Kristina E Hoque, MS, MD, PhD
So often we hear “I really want to get involved … I just don’t know where to start”.  Residency is an excellent time to explore the myriad of leadership opportunities available in organized radiology.  However, it can be easy to get lost in the alphabet soup of various organization acronyms and intimidating to take the jump into the first experience. (Read more)…

ACNM Puzzle
Twyla Bartel, DO, MBA
This person is a pioneer in nuclear medicine research.  
Copy and paste this link into your web browser to solve the puzzle and see who this person is.  Enjoy!

New! MRI Online Cases - from ACNM and SNMMI
First Set of 25 Cases Available July 2016 for Purchase! (Read more)…

Answer to March 2016 Case of the Month
HISTORY: A 60 year-old lady with a history of right-sided breast cancer and who is status-post lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and Femara is presented with associated imagesfor an Na-F PET-CT. What is the cause for the uptake in the left-sided ribs?

ANSWER: This case involved a 60 year-old lady with a history of right-sided breast cancer who was status-post lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and Femara.  Na-F PET-CT images showed uptake in left-sided ribs due to fractures. Click here for the entire case.

May 2016 Case of the Month
The case involves a 55 year-old male with recently resected cutaneous melanoma of the left cheek. What are the findings, or what other information do you need for a diagnosis? Click here for images.

Editors and Contributors:
Editor in Chief: Simin Dadparvar, MD
Associate Editor:  Twyla Bartel, DO, MBA

Additional Contributors:
Erica Cohen, DO, MPH
Kristina E. Hoque, Ms, MD, PhD
Lida Jafari, MD
Andrew McKusick, RPh
Pareen Mehta, MD
Saabry Osmany, MD
Ashley Prosper, MD
Amol Takalkar, MD, MS, MBA
Tracy Yarbrough, MD, PhD