Spotlights Newsletter - May 2015



Words from Rathan M Subramaniam, MD, PhD        
ACNM President 2015

ACNM Progress: First 100 days of 2015

Dear ACNM Members and Fellows,

Asking thoughtful questions prompts us into meaningful actions and channels our energy in building something beautiful for the field and for next generation of nuclear medicine physicians.

What we achieved in the first 100 days of 2015 will strategically position the College in the years to come.  One of the most significant assets is many of our board members and chairs of various College committees - enthusiastic, energetic and financially prudent (Read more)

Special Announcements:
Twyla Bartel, DO, MBA, FACNM
ACNM Immediate Past President and Educational Committee Chair

Last year, ACNM partnered with IMAIOS ( for two important privileges for ACNM members.

  1. First is an approximately 70% discount for e-anatomy at an annual rate of $21.  We will are now announcing a second opportunity for you to sign up for this for a subscription to begin 7/1/15 for a year.  If you are interested, please go to our website at  Under the “ACNM News” section, choose the e-anatomy tab and follow the instruction for payment online. OR, click here

  2. As promised, ACNM-IMAIOS will also have review questions for members only available by June 1, 2015, which will be accessible on the IMAIOS website.  The ACNM board and NMRO group have been diligently working on this under the guidance of Dr. Tracy Yarbrough, Dr. Lesley Flynt (ACNM Intern), Dr. Twyla Bartel, and Dr. Alex Antoniou.  Please be looking for the near future announcement of completion of this!!

NMRO Update
Alex Antoniou, MD, MA
NMRO President

It has been a wonderful and productive year for the NMRO.  In the annual networking luncheon this year, we will be discussing what every resident should know about the business of life after residency. Please join us in these last few events and don’t forget to follow us on for the most up to date information.

Mark your Calendar for Upcoming Events:

-    May 12th, 2015: MRI Webinar (Advanced MR Contrast/Pulse Sequences)
-    June 7th, 2015: YPC/NMRO Knowledge Bowl and Luncheon
-    June 7th, 2015: YPC/NMRO Social Networking Event
-    June 8th, 2015: ACNM NMRO Networking Luncheon
-    June 16th, 2015: MRI Webinar (MR Artifacts and Safety)

ACNM Visits Capitol Hill
Erica Cohen, DO   
Chair, Government Relations and Advocacy Committee

On April 27, 2015, leadership from ACNM and SNMMI participated in our annual Capitol Hill Day in Washington, DC. Participants met with 62 congressional representatives from 20 states to discuss two key issues currently affecting nuclear medicine. (Please read more)

What is NeruoQ?
Lida Jafari, MD, and Daniel Silverman MD, PhD.

NeuroQ™ is a software package that uses an algorithm for measuring, after correction for tissue-based attenuation, radioactive events/second emanating from pixel locations falling within standardized regions of interest. The subject sample used to develop the normative database for NeuroQ™, is composed of 50 subjects of equal male and female from a broad adult age-range distribution (20-80 years old); half were recruited as research controls following extensive neuropsychological screening, and half were patients without neuropsychiatric symptoms or indications for scanning. (Read more)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Dementia
Asim K. Bag, MD

Dementia is a state of serious cognitive impairment resulting in severe functional and emotional disability that is usually caused by neurodegenerative diseases. The major causes of dementia include neurodegenerative diseases. Brain parenchymal damage due to any cause can also result in dementia such as stroke, hemorrhage, infection and toxicity. Prion disease is another rare but important cause of relatively acute onset dementia (Read more)

Metabolic Patterns of 18F-FDG in Dementia
Pareen Mehta, MD and Patrick M. Colletti, MD

Dementia syndromes are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly population. Unfortunately, there are limited treatment options, especially in advanced cases. This creates a diagnostic dilemma, as the dementia syndromes often overlap in clinical presentation early in the disease process. 18F-FDG has been utilized to help differentiate between the various causes of dementia based upon differing areas of altered brain metabolism, allowing for an appropriate treatment regimen to be initiated.(Read more)

Top TEN Recent Interesting Articles on Dementia
Osman Saabry, MD

1. PET/MR in Dementia and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases; Barthel H, Schroeter ML, Hoffmann KT, Sabri O; Semin Nucl Med. 2015 May;45(3):224-233

A review article on PET/MR imaging of neurodegenerative disorders with PET tracers. (Read more)

NMRO Invites International Members
Lida Jafari M.D.
ACNM International Affairs Committee, NMRO Representative

Dear national and international trainees,

The International Affairs Committee of the American College of Nuclear Medicine (ACNM) has established collaborative relationships with physicians, scientists, pharmacologists, and technologists worldwide in order to advance the role of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging in diagnosis and treatment. The residents' parallel organization, the Nuclear Medicine Residents Organization (NMRO), also promotes this international engagement. Specifically, there are opportunities to meet residents and practitioners from other countries, exchange views on patient care and learn about overseas health care delivery. (Read more)

Answer to Spotlights Case of March 2015
Patrick Colletti, MD

Title: Patient with right knee pain and hoarseness

Answer: Lung cancer with left recurrent laryngeal nerve impingment and
Incidental right lateral condyle subchondral fracture.

Key Points:
1. Lung cancer primary lesions and metastases are typically
FDG avid.
2. Laryngeal asymmetry may be associated with tumor (avid), or
denervation (reduced activity).
3. Fractures may be rather FDG avid.
4. Adrenal metastasis are commonly FDG avid.

Please see further discussion on this and the images


Spotlights Case of the Month
Twyla Bartel, DO, MBA, FACNM

HISTORY: This is a 15 year-old female with a history of three prior embolizations of a cerebral AVM. She developed a persistent headache after the most recent embolization procedure. What is the likely cause of uptake on the brain flow study?

Please see the case

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