2018 ACNM Fellowship Awards

Editorial Fellowship:

Jaspreet Batra, MD

Dr. Batra has a strong academic background demonstrated by completing his medical school education from All lndia lnstitute of Medical Sciences, which is considered the premier medical center in lndia and post-doctoral training/fellowships at Harvard University, Tufts University and Cornell University. He is currently enrolled as a resident-in-training with the Division of Nuclear Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Batra's many achievements include his substantial collection of publications in top-tier scholarly journals, including Journol of Clinicol Oncology, Annols of Oncology, Journal of Urology, Moleculor Cancer Research, Journol of Biomarkers, Cancer Research, and Current Heart Failure reports. He has also published his work in the form of book chapter, original research articles, review articles and published abstracts.

Leadership and Health Policy Fellowship:

Elizabeth Lulaj, MD

Dr. Lulaj is the chief nuclear medicine resident at Emory University Hospital.  She has shown keen interest in research in imaging sciences and this has earned her the best poster presentation award and travel grant from the South Eastern chapter of Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging in 2015. Educational exhibit authored by her titled “Unusual presentation of melanoma in FDG PET/CT scan” was nominated for best presentation in the annual meeting of SNMMI in 2017. She is currently actively involved in research projects tha are aiming at reducing the delivered radiations in Nuclear Medicine diagnostic procedures.

Dr. Lulai’s recommendation for the award noted that she is a fine physician and a caring human being. In the last 24 months she has become a favorite of the technologists and earned their respect. She is a team player and has been chosen as the chief resident by her peers twice. She was awarded the Excellence in Leadership Award by the Albanian American Medical Society in 2011, which is a testament to her leadership skills.