2018 ACNM Lifetime Achievement Award

Michael L. Middleton, MD, CPE, FACNM, FASNC, recipient of the 2018 ACNM Lifetime Achievement Award












Dr. Middleton obtained his nuclear medicine training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he was also the chief nuclear medicine resident. He became an ABNM diplomate in 1993. He is currently a Professor of Radiology with the Scott and White Healthcare System in Temple, Texas, where he is also the Medical Director of Nuclear Radiology and Advanced Molecular Imaging. 

He is or has been involved with multiple professional organizations to include the ACNP (since 1993) and then ACNM (since 1999), SNMMI (since 1989), and the Institute of Clinical PET.  Some of the important positions he has held specifically related to ACNP/ACNM are Past President of ACNP (2006-2007), Co-Chair for ACNM and ACNP merger (2008), Alternate Delegate for Texas to ACNP House of Delegates (1995-1998), ACNP/SNM Joint Government Relations Committee (2006-2012), and most recently as an ACNM Nomination Committee Member.  Regarding other nuclear medicine leadership positions, he is currently the Chair of the SNMMI Finance Committee and Real Estate Task Force and is a Past President of the Southwestern Chapter of the SNMMI, SNMMI Board Member, Speaker of the SNMMI House of Delegates, and Chairman of the SNMMI Committee on Chapters, to name a few.