2017 ACNM Lifetime Achievement Award

Bennett S. Greenspan, MD, MS, FACNM receives 2017 ACNM Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Bennett S. Greenspan is Professor of Radiology at the Medical College of Georgia/Georgia Regents University in Augusta, GA.

Dr. Greenspan  he has been and is a steadfast supporter of ACNM. Since 1988, he has served as a leader of ACNP and then ACNM.  He started on the environmental Radiation Committee of ACNP in 1988.  Other roles with ACNP included Executive committee, Publications Committee, Associate Editor Scanner, Treasurer and President. After ACNP and ACNM merged in 2009, Dr. Greenspan was on the Board of Directors for three years (2011-2014), and he currently serves as the Chair of the ByLaws Committee. 

His dedication to ACNM, is also reflective of his dedication to the nuclear medicine field.  Because of his lifetime of achievement, Dr. Greenspan is a fellow of the American College of Radiology (ACR) and ACNM.  He is the current President-elect of SNMMI, and serves on the boards of the ABSNM and the NMTCB.  Additionally, Dr. Greenspan is devoted to teaching of clinical nuclear medicine and also physics and radiation safety of nuclear medicine to nuclear medicine and radiology residents. He is a member of two committees of the AAPM on teaching medical physics to radiology residents and development of the medical physics curriculum for radiology residents. He is also keenly interested in quality in Nuclear Medicine, and is a member of the SNMMI Quality and Evidence Committee and a reviewer for quality assurance in nuclear medicine for the ACR. He is one of the committee members on the PET Quality and Reporting Task Force of the SNMMI PET Center of Excellence, and is a co-author on the paper, “Reporting Guidance for Oncologic FDG PET/CT Imaging” published in JNM in May, 2013.

It is due to this dedication, that ACNM is honored to award Dr. Greenspan the Lifetime Achievement Award.