ACNM Intern - Call for Applications

Each year the ACNM and the NMRO seek a qualified enthusiastic nuclear medicine resident/fellow or scientist who is eager to learn and contribute to the practice and socio-economic interest of those engaged in the use of radionuclide’s for the practice, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and to promote the continuing competence of practitioners of Nuclear Medicine through a program of continuing medical education. The nominee will be appointed to the NMRO Board of Directors and work with an ACNM mentor on projects throughout their term as intern.

Purpose: To identify and train future leaders of ACNM in the structure, governance, and operations of the organization; to prepare individuals for progressive levels of responsibility; to ensure effective leadership that advances the mission and goals of the organization.


To have one intern serving a two-year term: 

  • Intern must be a member of the NMRO.
  • Intern can be nominated by their Program Director or an ACNM/SNMMI member. They can also be self-nominated.
  • Intern will be selected prior to the June 2021 ACNM Board of Directors meeting and announced at this meeting.
  • The term of the internship will be two years, beginning after the June 2021 SNMMI Annual Meeting. The ACNM Intern is expected to attend the NMRO Board of Directors meeting at the ACNM Annual and SNMMI Annual Meetings as well as participate in conference calls of the NMRO.
  • A mentor will be assigned by the ACNM President to work with the ACNM intern.
  • The Intern will be assigned specific projects and will be supervised by their mentor.
  • Intern may be nominated to serve on their Council Board of Directors and stand for election to serve on the ACNM Board of Directors upon successful completion of their internship. 

Orientation, Supervision, and Evaluation of Effectiveness:

The internship program will be directed by the President of the NMRO.

  • Orientation of the new intern will begin after the June 2021 SNMMI Annual Meeting. The Chairperson of the NMRO will give an overview of the program and its goals including; ACNM structure, governance, and operations.
  • The President of the NMRO and the intern’s mentor will provide a combined report on the intern’s accomplishments and goals twice a year to the Board of Directors.
  • The President of NMRO Program will review the effectiveness of the program and report annually to the ACNM Board of Directors. The report will include the activities and projects pending or completed by the intern during the year.
  • The ACNM Board reserves the right to early termination of the internship if the intern does not meet the required standards or expected professional behavior. 

Financial Impact: Financial support for the internship program will be provided by the ACNM in the form of reimbursement for travel expenses and meeting registration up to $1,500 per intern per year. All receipts must be turned in to ACNM for proper reimbursement.

If interested for the 2021-2023 ACNM Intern, please submit your CV along with a letter of interest, statement of professional goals, and a photo to no later than March 31, 2021