2012 ACNM Lifetime Achievement Award Michael E. Siegel


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Michael E. Siegel, MD, FACNM, Receives ACNM Lifetime Achievement Award

Miami Beach, Fla. (June 11, 2012)—Michael E. Siegel, MD, FACNM, has been named this year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American College of Nuclear Medicine (ACNM). The award was presented in Miami Beach, Fla., during the 2012 SNM Annual Meeting.

“Dr. Siegel was selected because of his pioneering accomplishments in nuclear medicine, particularly in cardiac vascular nuclear medicine,” said Warren R. Janowitz, MD, JD, president of ACNM. Siegel helped pioneer a radiation treatment for removing irritated joint lining in hemophiliacs. He participated in the world’s first MUGA (multigated acquisition) scan and also performed the first scan using the radionuclide thallium in the United States.

Each year, the ACNM presents the Lifetime Achievement Award to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding level of dedication to the ACNM and the field of nuclear medicine. The recipient must be a nationally recognized name in nuclear medicine; must have been an officer of a nuclear medicine organization, noted for research, or editor of a journal; must be a member and fellow of the ACNM and have strongly supported ACNM and its goals; and must have lectured extensively and provided service to other nuclear medicine–related organizations.

Siegel has been on the faculty of the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California for 36 years and is also a clinical professor of radiology at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. He is past director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine at the Keck School and founded the nuclear medicine residency program there.

Siegel earned his bachelor’s degree in zoology with a minor in chemistry from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and his medical degree from the Chicago Medical School in 1968. He spent two years as an NIH fellow in radiology at Temple University, then completed a two-year NIH fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., after which he became assistant professor at Johns Hopkins. He has authored more than 250 peer-reviewed publications and 23 book chapters.


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