Goals of the Mentorship Program

Mentoring goals:

  • Increase potential for academic success, and thus increase the number of strong nuclear medicine trainees, who do well in the program and pass the ABNM qualifying exam.
  • Increase collaboration and networking opportunities (e.g. to educate about advances in clinical, research and the new upcoming topics in nuclear medicine).
  • Provide a structured system for strengthening and assuring the continuity of the nuclear medicine physicians and researchers as a specialist.

Mentoring objectives:

  • Residents and/or fellows as mentee will select a junior or senior nuclear medicine faculty who will guide them in preparing for the future job opportunities in academic centers, private practice and /or the industry.
  • The relationship between mentor and mentee should be kept professional and confidential.


Mentoring Responsibilities:

  • Mentee: ask for career, professional and personal advice on issues of education, research, marketing, academic and private practice job prospects, salary negotiation, be available for networking opportunities and introduction to key individuals by mentors.
  • Mentor: guide mentee in personal and professional issues; participate in open, honest goal setting and feed back in career development; introduce mentee to individuals who can facilitate professional advancement, advising for further training as needed in cardiology, oncology, Positron Emission Tomography, Computed Axial Tomography, etc.
  • Both: Complete Mentor/Mentee Agreement and send to:


American College of Nuclear Medicine
Attn: Mentoring Program – Anne Hiller

1850 Samuel Morse Drive
Reston, VA 20191

Mentoring Time Commitment:

  • 1-3 year partnership, beginning in the first or second year of Mentee's nuclear medicine residency, continuing through the first year advancement to practice as nuclear medicine physician or scientist after graduation.
  • Contact: established by Mentee.
  • Recommended guidelines: monthly contact through e-mail and/or telephone, more frequent contacts, at agreed upon intervals.

Benefit to Mentee:

  • Guidance in proper involvement in educational and research activities, facilitating advancement to employment in an appropriate job environment.
  • Feed back on Academic progress.
  • Acknowledgement of mentee's unique abilities and potential for improvement.
  • Support and experienced guidance in self managing career development.
  • Increased network of contacts and resources for support.


Benefits to Mentor:

  • Sharing the wisdom and experience.
  • Learning from the expanded view of experience of the residents and fellows.
  • Recognition by Mentee for Mentor's academic and professional achievements.
  • Involvement in collaborations enhancing Mentor's professional activity.
  • Acknowledgement by the ACNM's Residents as Future Leaders Program.